Budget $200 at TCGPlayer, tribal Vampires featuring Edgar Markov with a main go wide strategy. I want to be aggressive with 26x combined one/two/three drop Vamps and tokens, but I can also play more midrange with Edgar, Sorin, Regent. Opening hand really determines which direction to go.

The primary way to win is to attack with Vampires, but sometimes that's not possible. Having other ways to win the game or generate value without attacking is important.

This combo is not infinite, but it can to generate a lot of Vamp tokens, life gain/opponents life loss and scry if Seer is used as the sac outlet. On my turn with Monument how ever many black sources I have available equals that same amount of Vamp tokens and life gain/opponents life loss. Artist requires that I use more mana to cast Oathsworn, but does the same thing. Adding Skullclamp to this combo can be a draw engine with Vamp tokens. Phyrexian Altar as the sac outlet makes this an infinite combo, but Altar is not a budget card thus it's not included in this deck.

Another combo that's not infinite, but can generate value without needing mana. When Vamps can't attack they can instead gain control of my opponents creatures by tapping with Captivating. Captivating lets me tap a set of five Vamps including itself and at my end step the number of tapped Vamps equals that same amount of loss of life for my opponents. Captivating can also target a creature I control therefore if an opponent doesn't have a creature to steal I can still tap Vamps for Throne.


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