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Valuetopia aka 4C Shardless

Legacy BUG (Sultai) Four Color GWUB Midrange


Shocks as Budget-Replacement for Duals I don't own as well as Flayers instead of Goyfs. No Planeswalker for the same reason.

Why the White-Splash?

Stoneforge Mystic adds a lot of value to a creature-based deck, cascading into one is pretty decent (lul) and I really like the card. Having most White Duals and no Planeswalker was also one of the reasons why I added SFM. I don't wanna go to deep into the 4 Color-Route even tho White has some of the best Sideboard Cards as well as Swords, but this way we're more open to Land-Hate.

Changes to think about:

True-Name Nemesis (Tarmogoyf) instead of Grim Flayer as better beater: It's sometimes hard to get Delirium without Planeswalker. Was also thinking about adding Pernicious Deed to the Mainboard because of that. As mentioned above aren't Tarmogoyfs in my collection, but using those would certainly be an improvement.

Thoughtseize to Mainboard: With 3 Shock-Lands and Toxic Deluge are we using our Life as a resource already and against Fast/Aggro Decks can't we afford to pay more. Against Combo Decks we can board them in from the Sideboard.

Land-Base: Beeing on a Budget / building a Deck from the cards I own is the biggest restriction here. But I was also thinking about cutting Wastelands and adding 2 more Basics and 1 more Fetchland. Keep in mind that Turn 1 Birds into Turn 2 Wasteland wins games on its own. Unfortunately am I also missing Misty Rainforest, which would also imrpove the consistency of the Deck.


April 2019:

Removed Wastelands, Tireless Tracker from MB and Ramunap Excavator from SB. Went from 4 to 3 Strix again as well as removing Sylvan Library from SB.

Sylvan Library will probably come in again over Sword of Light and Shadow, want to test it some more.

Made a split in SB between Golgari Charm and Marsh Casualties for more range on the AoE removal.

Added Flusterstorm to SB - it felt like we needed more answers against fast combo-decks, since Storm also utilizes Discard and SnS having access to Counterspells. Shardless Agent will most likely be the cut in those match-ups.


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