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Valakut Rock, the Crucible of the Reliquary

Modern* BGW (Abzan, Junk) Dredge Midrange Ramp Rock


So I started this deck a long time ago, and it's recently just changed quite a bit . I think the goal now is to play Junk Control, in a similar way to how g Scapeshift plays control leading up to their combo.

I'm planning to use Tidehollow Sculler, Thoughtseize and Raven's Crime to prevent my opponent from doing bad things, and mopping up any creatures they land with Path to Exile. I'm considering adding more removal, but I'm unsure what to drop, other than the ramp...but I think ramp is a necessary part of Valakut/Scapeshift....

Also considering dropping the Farseeks to add Waste Not. This deck is so bastardized it's not even funny.


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Haven't changed things in awhile. Comments were kind of out of date.

Decided Scapeshift/Knight of the Reliquary are probably reasonable ways to play this.

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