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Slow Bomb Primer

This deck is built arround Ad Nauseam being able to draw the entier deck. After that, we aim at winning with a land Valakut, the Molten Pinnacle combo. For this to work the entier deck can't have a total CMC cost higher than our starting life total. Or somewhere arround it. I have been playing with a total CMC of 37-44 and both kinda work. I haven't found the perfect number jet.

But this core gameplan follows perefct into a grindy land Thrasios, Triton Herovalakut snowball style. Everytime you hit a Mountainwith the merfolk wizard you get a Lightning Bolt from Valakut, the Molten Pinnacle. And when you untap that land you have more mana to keep snowballing furtherer.

Ad Nauseam

This deck is built around drawing the entire deck and surviving it. Alright, maybe not all 98 cards. But all we need. There might be 7-10 cards left inside the deck. After we have the entire deck in our hand we cast Manabond and play Valakut, the Molten Pinnacle as land for the turn. If we already made the land for turn. Simply cast Mox Diamond and discard any random land from your hand. Then cast Exploration to gain a second land drop.

Then proced to end step and let Manabond put all your lands from your hand into play. Vesuva will enter as a second Valakut, the Molten Pinnacle togheter with a bunch of Mountain. This isen't infinit or anything. But my personal recorde is abow 300 damage or so (that was with Thespian's Stage btw). 3 opponents have 120 life total.

Thrasios, Triton Heroafter the manabond

So this is something I discovered suddenly on day. This is a big upgrade for the deck. Ad Nauseam can draw the entire deck because the entier CMC is so low. But we don't need to do that. We just need to draw a lot of cards. Like we don't need the last 20. The magical part is that the lands from Manabond comes into play untapped. Unless the lands themselves enters tapped.

So after we have all the magical lands in play and we killed 2 players. 1 opponent is still alive. Use the mana and start activating Thrasios, Triton Hero. From here you should be able to kill the last player.

Biomancer's Familiar & Training Grounds

I personally consider these two cards must-haves in this kind of deck. They help out so much. They are a secondary win condition that let us put all the mountain into play one by one. If you have both in play Thrasios, Triton Hero ability cost only mana and that will get out of hand realy quickly.

The Tabernacle at Pendrell Vale

A perfect interactive land. We need to have a huge land count for this deck to work. We also don't have many creatures in this deck. We are also ramping an putting a lot of lands into play. We are not affected that much from this land.

Narset's Reversal

Is an amazing card! But it cost mana. This is a 2 cost card that will make us loss 2 life during the Ad Nauseamcombo run. Double blue is also tricky in a deck like this. is possible but not always guaranteed. We can play Pact of Negation because we actually don't need to have for if next turn never comes.

Mox Tantalite

Suspend-3 hmmmm. I am not so sure about this card in general. But it has mana cost. Or well it dosen't have a mana cost. And when you play a commander like Thrasios, Triton Hero you don't need to worry about having to much mana. It will also help with Mox Opal. If this card is in your opening hand you have a Thrasios, Triton Hero activation on turn 3. But if you draw it later. Then it isen't that great.

Life from the Loam

This deck is bad at utalizing this card in general. It not built arround this card in general. Sure we have a lot of lands in this deck. But in general I don't always include this card in my list. Its not a must have. You could cut it. But It is good when Thrasios, Triton Hero don't get to do anything. Or if there is a Cursed Totemin play. This is a back up merfolk commander alternativ you could say.

Mox Opal

would be awesome if we could include it. But we don't have that many artifacts to make sure we get metalcraft. But we could include a bunch of artifacts to make this happen. this mana cost artifact will open up deck a lot more.

Ancestral Vision

During our combo run with Ad Nauseamwe woll lose 0 life from this in our deck! But we can cast it for to draw 3 cards!!!! ... after 4 turns ... In the end that is okay. Its not great and few decks play this card. This format is a fast format. You might cast it and the game could be over befor it resolvs. Still, its not a bad card. Every cEDH deck could actully play it. With color identity of blue that is. So in the end this is a card you could include if you want to. Its also good to have cards that will help us out if we don't get going with Thrasios, Triton Hero.

Scavenger Grounds & Bojuka Bog

Whitout lands with interaction this deck would be hard to assemble. We need a a high land count to give Ad Nauseamthe chance of drawing the entier deck. The more lands you have inside this deck the lower your life can go and you still have this option. These two lands have good and working interaction. They also work wonders with Crop Rotation.

Deathrite Shaman

This is everything this deck wants in one card. It is a mana dork and this deck wants mana. It has graveyard interaction against our opponents. We can exile a creature card from an opponents deck they wanna bring back into play with something like Animate Dead. But we can also casually exile an instant or sorcery to force each opponent to lose 2 life.

This card is a group slug, mana dork, interactive card. Supprisingly the gain 2 life is helpfull.

Drop of Honey

Valakut, the Molten Pinnacle is excellent at killing medium large creatures. But killing large amounts of tiny creatures (1/1s) is difficult. Also it takes some time before this vulcano gets active. This green enchantment helps out at the early stage of the game vs decks that creature swarms. Slowing down the game. We are not playing a creature heavy deck and we can survive without our commanders. A perfect 1cost card for this deck.

Field of the Dead

You know what. Why not? Its not great but we could explode with this land. It could be a secondary semi wincon. A beatdown wincon. We can't interact with opponents creatures like we do with Valakut, the Molten Pinnacle. But we can send our zombie army into our opponents face and win. It taped for colorless and that is a BIG problem. Color fixing is already tricky so it is a risk including this land.

Pithing Needle

is a great cost card that makes Mox Opalmore playable. It will help us achieve metalcraft. Its also great during the Ad Nauseam combo run. We are looking for low cost cards with interactions. But also Caustic Caterpillaris quite a common card you could run into during competitive EDH games. This bug can kill Manabond before we get to end step. This little needle stops this for only mana!

Natural State

Most deck only play Nature's Claimwhile we play both. The answer is one simple card name: Blood Moonwitch is the best counter towards this deck. And we respect that card so much that we play an extra copy of Nature's Claim. Weaker, but will still do the job. But this deck is really good at slaughtering creatures with this mountain volcano Valakut, the Molten Pinnacle. And there is a good amount of lands with graveyard interaction. Left is artifacts and enchantments. So it kinda makes seans to to include Natural State just for better interaction balance.

Life from the Loam intro

So we alredy talked about this card in the card by card. Now we are going to talk about it in the aspect that the entier deck is focused on it. This is a really good card drawing card. You only need one tutor to get this in your hand. So if Ad Nauseam fials. Tutor for the Life from the Loam.

What I said in the card by card was that this is not a must have. But if you decid to include this card. You coyld build your entier deck arround it. And thats what we are going to talk about now.


I HATE THIS CARD. Unless I want the card in my grave. I LOVE THIS CARDWHEN I PLAY LIFE FROM THE LOAM. This is one of the best tutors for the land spell. If we alredy have the land returing spell in hand. We can tutor for lands with the spell.

Volrath's Stronghold

So here comes the magical trick. With life from the loam you NEED extra land drops. But we are dreadging 3 every turn so we will only have lands in or hand. And all the creatures that grants us extra land drops: Sakura-Tribe Scout and Skyshroud Ranger will be put into your grave from your library all the time. This land will fix this. Activat the land. And put the creature on top. problem solved.

Canyon Slough and/or Sheltered Thicket

It with these two lands it will all explode. Return one of these two lands to your hand using Life from the Loam paying . Then pay to cyckle the land away. You get a draw trigger. but instead you dreadge Life from the Loam. Loop. We can gain some great land value from this.

Tolaria West

Suddenly this land is great. We can use it to tutor for lands for days. Its a great include for the life from the loam playstyle.

Dust Bowl

Don't play Strip Mine play this land instead. Because you can sacrifice your Mountains to get them down into your grave. And there you can get them back up againe for new Valakut, the Molten Pinnacle triggers. And we get to destroy some lands aswell. Sweet deal. This is a good way to grind in the lategame if no one was able to combo and win.

All cEDH TV decks

I have a deck folder for all my decks I have made if you wanna look around for other ideas. I play close to every commander and strange gameplan. So there is a bunch of different decks in that folder. I have other more organized smaller folders of specific concepts too. But this folder simply contain everything I have ever made. Its a good place if you only wish to scroll around for inspiration.

Najeela decks

Five colored warrior boss! The blade lady is by fare my favorit commander. You can build so many different decks with here that I have a bunch. In this folder you will find all my Najeela decks I have. But you will also find my Najeela Primer. Wihch isen't a deck but an artical about her. Mostly what cards to play and not to play.


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