The plan here is to rack up dungeon ventures using evasive double strikers. And on that point, the deck can really deliver. In fact, I've found it's not uncommon to regularly run through entire dungeons in a single turn. Fly seems like a pretty fantastic card for a venture deck and there are a few other mix-and-match auras too. The auras are fetched by pilgrim of Heliod and protected by selfless saviors, karametra's blessings, starlit mantles and lofty denials. Something cool to remember is the fly triggers stack with double strike so if you have two of them on a doublestriker, you get four triggers per turn. A good finishing move is to move fly onto halvar who grants himself doublestrike and usually takes out the opponent if they dont have a flier to block. I'd love to hear your thoughts on improving this deck, so please share if you have any ideas!

Note on Dungeon selection: I've found you tend to want to go with the lost mine of phandelver against aggro and midrange decks and the tomb for slower decks. Still the cool thing about the venture mechanic is the options it gives you, so always choose best according to your specific situation.


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