Obviously as this is a control deck, we have quite a few instants, disrupting our opponent's plans. The goal of this deck is to control the board, and when we have a full grasp of what's happening, we either put our powerhouses such as Jace, the Mind Sculptor on the board,and we search for our wincons, or we simply ping them with our little creatures till they die.

Was strugling with the sideaboard, and changed it quite a bit of times, but for now, I feel pretty confident with the one I have now. If there are any experienced control deck players, please let me know, if something doesn't feel right with this deck, and let me know. :-)

Update (26.2.2021) - This deck went through some changes over the time. It started as a budget fun little control deck, but later turned into a complete monster of a deck (in a good way) - miracles. The Mystic Sanctuary + Deprive loop combo, which ensured infinite amounts of counters, plus Mystic Sanctuary in general, returning your miracles spells on the top of your library was just great. My question for the wise control players out there is, is Miracles still playable even after the Mystic Sanctuary banning?

Thanks in advance:-)


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