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UW Breakfast for Two [turn 2 win]

Legacy Budget Combo Reanimator WU (Azorius)


UW Breakfast for Two - Legacy "Sacola" Format

(Sacola is an extension to Legacy and a format where Decks cannot cost more than 10 dollars - Basic Lands also don't count and the cheaper version of the card is what is considered)

Deck based on the old Extended 'Cephalid Breakfast' decks and can be a funny and budget friendly option for casual play if you're into fringe combo decks!

This deck can Combo and Win the game as early as Turn 2!

-1 Island in hand; -1 Plains in hand; -1 Cephalid Illusionist in hand; -1 Nomads en-Kor in hand; -1 Fiend Hunter in library; -1 Cartel Aristocrat in library; -1 Qarsi Sadist in library; -1 Angel of Glory's Rise in library; -1 Narcomoeba in library; -1 Dread Return in library;

And this may seem too much as a list like that, but keep in mind that it is extremely easy to achieve such conditions in a game, just pay attention to how many copies of each combo piece you have on your deck and if you have any of the needed pieces in your hand instead of library, if so, just mulligan until you get the right pieces in hand.

Use either Nomads en-Kor, Warrior en-Kor or Outrider en-Kor's ability on Cephalid Illusionist to mill your own deck until you have Angel of Glory's Rise, Cartel Aristocrat, Fiend Hunter, Qarsi Sadist, Dread Return and Narcomoeba/Dauntless Cathar in your graveyard (you can also use Flux, Contingency Plan, Tolarian Winds and Taigam's Scheming to do so)

The ideal Turn 2 Win scenario would be as below:

Turn 1 -> Plains, tap for Nomads en-Kor;

Turn 2 -> Island, tap both lands for Cephalid Illusionist and check if you have the needed cards still in your library (you can't have Dread Return or Angel of Glory's Rise in your hand for example or the combo will fail); if so, target Cephalid Illusionist with Nomads en-Kor ability as many times as you need to mill yourself out.

Once you have the said cards in your graveyard, use Dread Return's Flashback ability (this is where you may need Narcomoeba and Dauntless Cathar to pay for the activation cost, so remember to play them when you mill yourself) to bring Angel of Glory's Rise back to the battlefield and bring all Humans back with its ability as well.

After doing that, perform the combo as stated below:

Step 1- Use Fiend Hunter's ETB ability to exile Angel of Glory's Rise.

Step 2- Use Qarsi Sadist's Exploit on itself to gain 2 life and make your opponent lose 2 life.

Step 3- Sacrifice Fiend Hunter with Cartel Aristocrat's ability.

Step 4- Fiend Hunter goes to the graveyard and Angel of Glory's Rise return to the field, bringing back all Humans on the graveyard back with it (including Fiend Hunter and Qarsi Sadist)

Step 5- Repeat steps 1 to 4 until you win the game!

Also just as a note: there's no difference if you go for Step 1 or Step 2 first, as long as you do Step 3 right after; all the triggers are set off at the same time since all creatures are entering the battlefield together due to angel of the glory's rise, so you can also choose the ordering of these triggers. This may be useful because since we're running 2x Fiend Hunter you can use one of them to combo and the other to exile an opponent's creature!

There are some things you must pay attention to as well depending on your luck with starting hands, if you get your Narcomoeba in your opening hand, don't forget to wait until you have enough creatures for Dread Return or enough mana for Dauntless Cathar

Magolino, Javier Dominguez, Duffzord & people from LigaMagic forums.

$acola Format Website: http://formatosacola.xpg.uol.com.br/


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