U/W Aggro-facts meets Super Friends

Made some recommended adjustments. Pulled a few other options out I wasn't completely sold on and upped the land count by four to increase consistency.

Get Swords out, get Gideon's out. Start swinging. +1/+1 counters wont fall off Gideon, they'll just sit inactive until he's a creature again.

Board wipes and spot removal aren't going to be real threats to you. You're creature space is small, so unless they Path or Plowshare a Gideon, you're not going to be worrying about it much.

No specific win condition: Just beat them up. Note: If I understand Proliferate correctly, even the inactive counters on your Gideon's can be increased too.

Most of your spells are Artifacts or fall into the Legendary category, netting you great value on Jhoira's Familiar. Pair this with any of the other cost reducing effects, and you can start emptying your hand of walkers to go nuts as fast as possible.

I'm still learning all the neat interactions of the Walkers, but definitely want to find a space for Venser if I can.


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