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What can BLUE do for you?

How does this win?

The primary wincon is to assemble infinite mana and pump it into Urza's activated ability. This will exile the library and allow you to cast anything inside it.

  • Infinite mana/draw combos:

  • Isochron Scepter + Dramatic Reversal

  • Power Artifact + Grim Monolith

  • Future Sight + Etherium Sculptor + Sensei's Divining Top

  • Future Sight + Sai + Urza + Sensei's Divining Top

Once you have unbounded mana/draw, you then can use the Scepter or Engine itself as an outlet:

  • Infinite untaps with Codex Shredder = infinite mill (+ Windfall)

  • Scepter/Reversal + Copy Artifact (Scepter) + Narset's Reversal = infinite spellcasts

  • Timetwister + Codex Shredder (recurring Timetwister) = infinite spellcasts

With infinite spellcasts you can win with something like creating infinite swans / casting Tezz and upticking to setup for ult, remove all non-lands with infinite bounce spells, strip hands with Narset + wheel effect, and then play out all your stax pieces and pass turn holding up counterspells so that your swans / Tezz ult can kill them.

I can't afford Timetwister, what do?

Play Stroke of Genius. It gives you a hard wincon outlet that's reasonably useful. Keep in mind that many of the wincons don't necessarily require the twister, like the Narset's Reversal + Copy Artifact (Scepter) to infinitely cast your spells.

Anywhere we use Timetwister in a loop can be replaced with Narset's Reversal + Time Spiral.

Why not Laboratory Maniac / Jace / Aetherflux?

Any time we could win with LM or JWM, we already have unbounded mana or draw. This means we can win with a combination of cards we'd already be playing anyway and don't need to dedicate a slot to an other-wise useless outlet.

Aetherflux is difficult to power, has a high upfront cost and is and fairly non-deterministic; it's better to rely on our slim commander-centric combos.

Why do you run X?

Legacy's Allure - Very strong reactive piece that can at instant speed stop most combos in the format once it hits 1 or 2 counters. Being a stop-gag for combos and forcing them to answer this card first can delay people while our other midrangey cards get value; or it can just steal something useful when we need it / prevents people from playing good cards lest we steal them.

Future Sight - In addition to the combos listed above, all of which are decent backup wincons for the deck, this card also is a pretty strong value engine. We end up making quite a bit of mana and we're hoping this can be a good sink for it to dig through our deck.

Why do you NOT run X?

Rings of Brighthearth/Power Artifact + Basalt Monolith - Monolith isn't worth running in this deck, as 3 mana is way above the amount of mana we're willing to pay for a rock. PA is difficult to tutor for, as the only card that can find it is one that can also find either half of Dramatic Scepter (Muddle the Mixture). Rings is missing some of the powerful synergies that make it worth playing in Teferi, which makes it more of a dead slot. With the amount of combo lines we already have available, adding an extra one does not seem necessary at this point.

Mana Severance - This card is a bit "win-more". The only thing that it does is help Urza not whiff when you already have many powerful engines going or a lot of mana. In general the slots in this deck are too tight to be running a card that only helps while in the middle of a combo.





Updates Add

We've gotten solid playtesting in, and really we've been quite impressed with where Urza is -- he fits into the meta well, bringing unique tools to the table without being overbearing.

We've been trying a few new things and we'd like to discuss our changes to the stock build.

Cuts: Voltaic Key, Trinisphere, Unwinding Clock

Adds: Saprazzan Skerry, Time Spiral, Opt


Saprazzan Skerry: We'd really like to maximize how fast we can develop Urza, and this is another option. We're adding in an extra land to the list (now 30 mana producing lands + Tabernacle), as 29 is already on the aggressive side before swapping for a depletion land.

Time Spiral: Really, we love this big bomby draw. Power plays like this is what the deck thrives on. (People are realizing how good Recurring Insight is in the same vein.)

Opt: Cantrip density is really nice. Smooths out the early game, trivially cycles late.


Voltaic Key: Key just doesn't do enough. It has a cute 2-card combo that nets a couple colorless and serves some outlet functionality we didn't really need redundancy on (play to Future Sight lines in these contingency scenarios).

Trinisphere: It's really a powerhouse and we think you definitely can play to this direction. Feel free to play it if it suits your meta and playstyle.

Unwinding Clock: Very powerful, though definitely a synergy piece that doesn't help from behind.


Other things we're looking closely at: Power Artifact, Paradoxical Outcome, High Tide, Vedalken Shackles, Peer Through Depths, Retraction Helix (thanks u/IAMAfortunecookieAMA)

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