My favorite character from magic lore and my best commander Urza, Lord High Artificer

Tryin' to cEDH with possible turn #2 WIN already.

So many spells to slow down the game and waiting for optimal battlefield set. Winter Orb, Devastation Tide and Sunder are so fun to play in multiplayer.

More than one option to create infinite mana e.g. Hullbreaker Horror with mana artefacts, Grand Architect with Pili-Pala, Isochron Scepter with Dramatic Reversal. With Urza infinite mana means endgame.

There is some cards for providing extra turns, possibly an infinite turns loop with Isochron Scepter, Mystical Tutor and Beacon of Tomorrows.

Another option to win at spot is to combine an exile whole library and use Thassa's Oracle, Laboratory Maniac or Jace, Wielder of Mysteries to instant WIN.

However, if you need to pick win condition card from library to your hand, there are some tutors cards for spells Mystical Tutor, artifacts Fabricate and cards with transmute Tolaria West and Muddle the Mixture.

Any budget improvements wellcome


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