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Uril, the Monster of the Mists ( $50-ish Budget )

Commander / EDH Budget Competitive RGW (Naya) Voltron



This is a $50-ish competitive Voltron deck with a special mechanic unique to Uril: Compound +1/+1. It's entirely possible with just two auras to pump Uril to over 21/21 for lethal commander.

UPDATE: Retooled this deck to bring in new cards and bring it back under budget!


I've always been a bit salty sitting down at a commander game where people are running decks full of cards that are individually worth more than my entire deck. Even worse when people start suggesting to me to "take ideas from" their $20,000+ decks.

YoU cAn'T wIn UnTiL yOu SpEnD mOnEy!

Challenge Accepted.

I set out to do three things with this deck:

1: Make a deck that's easy enough for first time players to use, but deep enough for a master to utilize. Show

2: Make a deck cheap enough to entice new players and people with strict budgets. Show

3: Make a deck you could take to most tournaments and expect to win. Show


Uril has fascinated me for some time. With inbuilt hexproof and +2+2 for auras, there's no question he was designed specifically with Voltron decks in mind.

In the early days of EDH format, Uril was the 'boogyman' of EDH. In recent times, he's fallen out of favour as players go for more niche commanders.

Uril's value has not changed though, and with his colour range of Naya ( R/G/W ), he has access to two of the best three colours for aura enchantments ( Green and White ) plus all the fun that Red comes with.


The goal here is to keep this deck as close to $60AU as possible ( which at time of creation was $49US ). A lot of hard choices and cuts had to be made to bring the price down from $300US-ish in it's first iteration. As time goes on, these cards will become more expensive. However, I'll only update it every few years to bring it back in line. ( or if something big happens that forces an update )

The cards I would suggest for breaking the budget cap are in the 'maybe' list for anyone who wishes to look.

Win con

Play Uril. Enchant with Auras. Swing for lethal commander. That is all. It's entirely possible to start killing people turn 6 with this deck. It may not be pro tour competitive, but for it's budget price it punches way above it's weight.

As a backup, Retether and Chandra's Ignition provide solid backup win conditions.


This deck has strict criteria for accepted cards. No card worth more than $1 will be considered unless it instantly wins the game. If it doesn't fit into at least one of the existing custom categories, it will not be considered.


So far, this deck has a respectably high win rate of approximately 40% in 4 player free for all pods with a near 80% occurence of knocking out at least one player.

Major Updates and Reworkings

01/09/2019: With the introduction of deliberately designed Anti-Uril card Leadership Vacuum ( which even has our poor main man on the art, no less ) in Commander 2019, less valuable cards have been rotated out to make room for counter protection. Orbs of Warding and Dawn Charm have been brought in to counter this card and other player targeted sacrifice/bounce effects.


Updates Add

Lots of the old cards has accrued in price, nearly doubling the deck's cost.

Along with some useful new cards and some better old ones, I've overhauled this deck, put in more and cheaper ramp, card draw, tutor, removal and board wipe effects.

This should make the deck more viable in more circumstances and brings the deck value back down to about $50. It should also make it more 'competitive'.

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