Uril is Heavy Weapons Guy, and This Deck is his Weapon of Combos

This deck has been a labor of love since 2010 and was one of my first EDH decks. It has evolved through innumerable revisions to its present state.

Uril is the Miststalker so I feel like he should have had some evasion. Not only is he hard to see (Hexproof), but he should be able to sneak up on you with an ability like Intimidate. Not really relevant, just my thoughts on flavor.

This deck starts with the basic Voltron build but extends into the Maverick + Lands + Enchantress game plan longterm. There are tons of enchantress effects to fuel multiple cantrips off of each enchantment spell I cast.

Favorite combos:

1.Cloudstone Curio Combos:

2.Amulet of Vigor + Thawing Glaciers + Stone-Seeder Hierophant to get all the basics out of the deck by untapping the Glaciers with every trigger from SSH. Add in Emeria Shepherd and that's why there's no Replenish currently in the deck.

3.Defense of the Heart + Emeria Shepherd + Karametra, God of Harvests. Sac the DoH to get the two creatures and then cast any other creature to get DoH back to play by fetching a plains with the Karametra trigger. Repeat every turn to get all creatures out of the deck.

4.Wheel of Sun and Moon can be used to screw opponents with graveyard strategies out of their plans but more interestingly it can be used to keep putting lands or other cards on the bottom of the library in case the library gets too small because of the cantripping.

5.Sun Titan + Seal of Primordium or Aura of Silence to keep destroying artifacts or enchantments.

I am not personally interested in making the most expensive deck possible; I much prefer making interesting and novel decks (which I think this is in many respects). This deck has been a personal art project really from 2011-present and was one of my first decks ever. The cards in it are chosen as much for their beauty and art as they are for the themes and functions. Also, the price of the deck is hilariously incorrect by several $1000s as it doesn't take the right price for the specific printing in most cases or just has no price at all for paper (e.g. Gaea's Cradle, Mountain. and Forest).

Note on why there's no Primal Surge in this deck

Many people have suggested Primal Surge since I named this deck Oops! All Permanents. If I had it then this deck wouldn't be all permanents would it? And playing Primal Surge just makes all the hard work of doing all the combos kind of moot. A better explanation even is that if I cast the Surge, then I wouldn't get all the cast triggers for Sigil of the Empty Throne to make angels and I would be committed to win somehow that turn because I would have nothing left in my library so I would lose on my next draw step and wouldn't be able to cast any more enchantments from my hand because all my enchantress effects would be in play. Furthermore, I would immediately lose the game from the 20+ Eidolon of Blossoms triggers which are mandatory. So please don't suggest Primal Surge or any other non-permanents.


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