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Ur Not Gonna Like This Beat Down

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So this deck has gone through some updates mainly focusing on my playgroup. My meta has become nasty so I was left with no choice. No more playing nice.

I was gifted this precon draconic domination deck and decided to make the most of it.

Ok so this deck is a little rough around the edges. My main issue during playtesting has been not enough lands in my opening hand. And yeah I'm only running 35 lands, but even while getting mana screwed I've noticed things pick up mid to late game due to my cheat system via artifacts like Belbe's Portal and Dragon Arch . Also, I love how i can just drop a bomb on my opponent at instant speed using these bad boys.

I wanted to make this evil, then realized it was too evil so I'm scaling it back. It's never going to be fun playing giant ass dragons, but sorry here they come.

Any suggestions is greatly appreciated! And be sure to include what to swap, it would help out a lot! Thanks



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