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Modern* Aggro Burn Competitive Control U/R (Izzet)


This is a Izzet modern deck based around flipping Thing in the Ice   as fast as possible and dropping Bedlam Reveler turn 3 or 4 depending on your optimal line of play.

After testing and playing this deck. I have found Simian Spirit Guide speeds up this deck immensely and stuck. I have tested Monastery Swiftspear but found that you need the right cards for it to be a competitive card and I wasn't willing to take out the current set of spells for Titan's Strength and Gitaxian Probe. Young Pyromancer worked, but Thing in the Ice   made it a little redundant.

Thing in the Ice   roles in this deck is versatile. You can either flip it into a big Awoken Horror turn 3 and swing in for game turn 4 or 5. Or use it as a control piece and foil your opponents plans by returning all non-horror creatures to their owners hand.

Bedlam Reveler is a amazing creature that adds lots of card advantage. I think the card is an all-star cycler and possibly one of the best creature cyclers in magic. I run 4 because you want this card 100% of the games and at times, more than once. It makes other Revelers cost less, adds you 2-3 cards to your hand depending on what you discard. It's got prowess so it gets bigger with the more spells you play and it's a horror so it doesn't return to your hand when Awoken Horror flips.

Faithless Looting is in the deck because it speeds up dropping a Bedlam Reveler. With 2 Faithless Looting and a Simian Spirit Guide, you can drop Bedlam Reveler turn 2. It's not the optimal play as you are discarding 3 cards, but a cool combo if you need a 3/4 prowess creature turn 2. Faithless Looting helps you get to the Thing in the Ice   or card you are lacking in your hand. With a single Loot, you can hit the sweet 6 instants quickly.

I run 4 Lightning Bolt and 2 Lava Spike because it only takes 2 bolts to the face, and two hits by Awoken Horror for a full 20 damage. 20 damage is in reach by turn 4 meaning your opponents have to go on the defence quickly or out beat you at your own game.

Cheap draw never hurts when your deck is relying on spell casting triggers. Serum Visions lets you plan out your next few turns, and Opt is a good end of your opponents turn option.

Remand is a very good tempo card that refills your hand. With lot's of decks tapping out their mana from turns 2-5, Mana Leak is very powerful during these turns.

In a comment lower. A player suggested Pyroclasm and I agree for a sideboard piece. It deals with decks that ramp with mana dorks, handles Mardu Pyromancer and the dreaded Lingering Souls and gets rid of chump blockers against Thing in the Ice  

This decks strengths are against ramp decks because Titi flips on crucial moments and can race them with the 7/8 body. Against aggro decks because flipping in a Awoken Horror turn 3 really stops the momentum they got turns 1 and 2. This decks weaknesses is other decks consisting lots of spot removal. Neutral match ups are other control decks. The games tend to go 50/50 depending on if they can handle a 7/8 swinging in or if this deck can get TiTi flipped in time

Suggestions are welcome.


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