Hi I'm upgrading my budget spellslinger deck with Tibor and Lumia at the helm. I still want to keep it budget friendly, with a budget around 50-70$ max. Right now the wincons are:

  1. Boardwipe and beatdown the other players with Quietus Spike.
  2. Use Charisma to steal everything.
  3. Burn them with the ultimate of Sorcerer Class.
  4. Make a ton of tokens with Docent of Perfection  .
  5. Use the wizard tribal creatures like Adeliz, the Cinder Wind to kill them slowly.
  6. Also Role Reversal can do some amazing stuff when you play against stronger decks. Once I almost exchanged my Fellwar Stone for a Blightsteel Colossus. (Sadly someone exiled the colossus just before my turn)

Since I want to CAST as many spells every turn, I've been keeping the average CMC as low as possible. I've also decided not to put copy spells since when I copy spells it's not CASTING them. So I prefer to use cantrips and fill my hand.

I could have put some non-flying creatures, but since I've put deathtouch stuff, I don't want to trouble myself with having to think of ways to give my creatures flying every turn.

Tell me if you know of any budget friendly upgrades. Thanks!


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