"I do not heal. Healing means that the pain has already been felt. To stop suffering, one must prevent the world's wounds altogether."

The ultimate defensive deck. Build up a huge army of clerics, all while giving protection to your most important creatures and preventing insane amounts of damage until you can land the killing blow! Starts out slow, but once it gets rolling, it can be unstoppable!

Mother of Runes is your main creature protector, and throwing a Flickering Ward on her can really shut down spot removal.

Battletide Alchemist with a Master Apothecary can lead to some insane damage prevention, sometimes shutting down entire armies at once.

Doubtless One is your main game-ender, or just Mikaeus, the Lunarch constantly pumping your growing army of clerics.

Aegis of the Gods is your defense for mill, discard, burn, etc. Soltari Visionary can shut down any enchantment focus for an opponent.

Sideboard- Devoted Caretaker can be thrown in as a slightly less effective Mother of Runes against heavy casting decks. Faith's Reward goes in against any decks that use boardwipes. Orim, Samite Healer can be thrown in as a slightly less effective Master Apothecary to slow down aggro decks. Path to Exile is versatile enough to be sideboarded against many decks. Aegis of the Gods or Soltari Visionary are usually the first to be replaced, depending on the deck that I'm playing.

Tips, comments, and +1s appreciated!


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