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Staying with my original Bloodletting + Warstorm combo I've added the green enchantments and hopefully undying creates a bunch of chaos for my opponites. I have used a similiar deck of mine like this and it really makes them think twice before killing off my creatures. The major thing I'm concerned with is the enchantments. I'm pretty sure I have enough mana producing cards to not be hindered to bad.

Play Flayer of the Hatebound, Warstorm Surge hits for 4, Bloodletting doubles that into 8, e.o.t. sac to Feed the Pack, 4 tokens enter, warstorm hits, bloodletting doubles, grime gives a token, warstorm hits, bloodletting doubles, Flayer returns, hits for 5, bloodletting doubles, warstorm hits and doubles all for insane amounts of damage that would probably never happen.....but still....this should be fun.

Hex Parasite is there just in case I need to reuse an undying creature.

Comments and opinions welcome.


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Took out the Parallel Lives, one Young Wolf, and land for Kessig Wolf Run and Caravan Vigil. Considering taking out Gutter Grime and renaming the deck...but I'm not sure yet.


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