Mono white fog deck. Prevent all combat DMG and destroy all NON-LAND creatures until you mill them or kill them with land creatures. Maybe even win with Approach of the Second Sun. Right? Why not.

After you turn a few lands into creatures use Elspeth Tirel or Scourglass to "Destroy all other permanents except for lands (or tokens or artifacts)". basically resetting the game but giving you creature advantage. Still playtesting. I think Scourglass is better but???

Planar Outburst is great for clearing all their creatures as well. Awaken cost is excessive but we are fogging to it. Wall of Resurgence is pretty much only there to give us a 3/3 land.

Ideally you want to slap a Pollen Lullaby on the Isochron Scepter so you're effectively Scry'ing 1 each turn.


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Okay that went well and was super fun. First game I was down to 1 Life. Gained 5 life with the Elixir and played on until I got the first Sun out and gained another 7 life. Fogged until I played it again. Had 2 Mines out so it went quick!


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