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Ultimate Niko Theme Deck

Casual Exile WU (Azorius)


This is the Ultimate Niko theme Deck, part of a collection of Casual decks designed for balanced, fun multiplayer games. Each deck is inspired by a single character or theme. Every card in the deck was selected for being a flavor-win, or for maximizing the gameplay that this deck wants to achieve. This deck can also be played as an Oathbreaker deck, with the Commannder being Niko Aris and the signature spell being AEthermage's Touch .

This deck spotlights the Mirror-Mage Planeswalker Niko Aris. It's a White-Blue deck that uses the Fortell mechanic to trick the other players, together with exiling and returning both its' creatures and the opponents'.

"Fate's just someone else telling you who to be." - Niko Aris


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