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Become one with the cosmos, a planar devouring force of nature and your opponents' final horizon.

"If god existed, it would be a library."
* ✦ *

I greet you, wayfarer.
This library that you look is the sacred text of Kruphix, a mysterious means to many meanings. Universe itself is within your reach now and sky's the limit no longer.

What you have in front of you is not just a list of generic cards assembled for the sole purpose of winning. That's the goal, of course, but that's not the meaning.
I found that EDH deckbuilding can be a powerful tool of personal expression and this deck has been my pride and joy for many years now, in each of its incarnations. Each card in it has a peculiarity, something that makes it meaningful to me, and they're all bonded in this ever-changing grimoire that i can call mine.
Some of the criteria that molded it were logical and some were not. Sometimes i change the entire deck's strategy just to integrate a specific card with a cool chromatic scheme, sometimes i put in a card just because it's strong. The feeling of the moment reigns: that's the way i like to play Magic and to do magic.
Despite the flavour, i intentionally avoid any infinite combo. A declaration of finiteness before the God of Horizons. Enjoy!

"There are those who travel to get lost, there are those who travel to find themselves."
* ✦ *

Your first step as a Kruphix's disciple implies discovery, an opening to mystery. Travel to distant lands, teach yourself to breathe the living energy of simple creatures, collect exotic artifacts and learn the rites of growth. Lose yourself in a thousand horizons without feeling lost, therefore your god shall come to thee.

How do you build Kruphix?
Many are the paths a Kruphix deck can take, for many are the unique talents of the God of Horizons. However, whatever the chosen strategy, a single truth exists that holds true for every possible build: for the deck to work, your commander must be on the field and it has to stay there. This may seem like an obvious and generalist statement but it's especially true for this particular commander, for a number of reasons.
First of all, there's no route without a star to chase.
In second place, Kruphix allows you to play very special cards, cards with high mana values, explosive X spells, magic that require a lot of resources to be cast. His mana-storing ability affects your deckbuilding heavily, therefore you won't be able to play most of your spells efficiently - or to play them at all - if your commander isn't on the battlefield.
Lastly, while losing a commander is always unpleasant, it could even become disastrous for you. Most of the time, Kruphix's disappearance will result in the loss of large amounts of mana and cards from your hand. A waste of knowledge and a waste of faith, as each mana you hold is nothing more than the prayer of a dreamer raised to his horizon somewhere in the multiverse.

Aknowledging this, here are some fundamental conclusions:
- A Kruphix deck must contain a valid form of ramp to be able to deploy the commander as soon as possible. This will obviously come in handy for the mana accumulation process too.
- A Kruphix deck must include a valid form of protection for the commander. Do not rely solely on his godly characteristics. In this regard, i want to point out that granting him Flash could be considered a form of protection too, because that would allow you to recast him before losing your unspent mana. Tempo is one of the most powerful tools at your disposal here, use it.

How you'll meet this needs is not for me to tell though.
Thoughts about numbers, ratios and the mana curve won't be shared here. Exaustive explanations would set a limitation on creativity and that's a serious sin in the eyes of the God of Imagination. Your own formulas and heuristics are only yours to find.
Remember that discovery is the very sense of the journey and the cult of Kruphix is a religion with no churches. Mistakes and missteps are the only requested tribute.
"Per aspera..."

Work in progress
* ✦ *


What once was
* ✦ *

A story written on leaves with words of wind.

Here is told the evolution of my deck over the years, version after version, with references to the most notable combinations. Time travel by reading.

The primera version of this deck, the Creative, was the very first EDH/Commander deck i ever built. I felt in love with Kruphix's flavour and the possibility that it gave me, to play all of my favorites pet cards and pet types.
Leviathans, Hydras, big spells like Omniscience ... I could have everything i ever dreamed of. Prophet of Kruphix was the corner stone of the deck as she was still unbanned.
It wasn't a very focused deck yet, most of the cards were there just for the art and flavour, but it performed very well on the casual scene already.

Sadly the complete list is long gone and forgotten. Now it lives only in the memory of the Cosmos, fragments of greatness echoing in time.


- Inkwell Leviathan - Pact of Negation - War Tax - Plated Slagwurm - Doubling Cube - Fatespinner - Ancestral Vision


Through a powerful spell, Kruphix will grant those who have proven themselves worthy to glimpse the very nature of the universe and to fuse their mind with eternity itself for an instant. All of the ideas, all of the answers will come to you at the same time and for a brief moment you will experience divinity.
Make no mistake though, trespassing the limits of your perception won't change your human nature and for this reason such magic should not be attempted except in the presence of the God of Horizons. Kruphix will sustain the psychic feedback of this process for you, preventing your mind from collapsing.

Though absolute knowledge could lead you to any sort of possible outcomes in a battle, the safest and wisest way to take advantage from this experience will be to pour it on your opponents. On the plane of New Phyrexia exists a creature capable of converting thought into pain: use it to vaporize their mind on the spot.

Enter the Infinite + Psychosis Crawler

This combo is one of my all time favorites. The fourth version of this deck was the first not to feature it.
Time is a circle and the ability to perceive it in its entirety involves learning one's role within the multiverse. Fulfill that role: shape the fate of millions by planting the seed of power in a simple creature, then transplant it on a distant plane of existance and watch it grow.
Create the Cosmos Serpent. Create the Cosmos Kraken.

Enter the Infinite + Lorescale Coatl / Chasm Skulker

This combo becomes particularly good if you're able to play Enter the Infinite at instant speed, taking your opponents by surprise after the declaration of blockers. Today the Cosmos Monsters have grown and they were later represented in the deck by Koma, Cosmos Serpent and Cosima, God of the Voyage  .

Segunda etapa, the Nihilist.
As i wandered, the road took me to colder and more lonely places.
Compared to the previous version - more impetuous, noisy and vital - this one felt definitively silent and contemplative. A cynical, aware and detached look at the universe. More twisted creatures were added, like Cryptoplasm and Spellskite, while Kruphix led me along an increasingly colorless path.
The deck became more focused on a conservative and controlling strategy, laying the foundations for the battlecruiser of today. A deck with all the answers and one main goal: bring the whole creation to an end via the Spawnsire of Ulamog.
The official ruling that made his ability ineffective in EDH forced me to radically modify the deck.

The final form of this version had a great equilibrium and was probably my all-time favorite incarnation of the deck.


- Phyrexian Processor - Master of the Wild Hunt - Dissipation Field - Aetherspouts - Braingeyser - Devastation Tide - Planar Bridge


"There is a solitude of space
A solitude of sea
A solitude of death, but these
Society shall be
Compared with that profounder site
That polar privacy
A soul admitted to itself—
Finite infinity."

Platinum Angel + Archetype of Endurance + Soul of New Phyrexia

Many are the ways to obtain immortality in this game, to escape the only certainty in the universe, and a large majority of them are far more efficient and less convulsive than this one. With the same investment of energy and resources, infinite are the ways to win a game on the spot.
But here's the thing, winning the game was never the intent of this combination.
This is a mean to detach oneself from the laws of nature, to reach a new and superior level of existance. It's the attainment of perfection through imperfection, the act of binding the greatest of powers to the most fragile of threads and a dance with the loneliest creature of all creation.

Third version, the Seeker.
The Blind Eternities behind, I felt the need to find a contact with a more earthly reality again, to reconnect to the natural cycle of existence. The balance was broken and had to be recomposed.

This version was always intended as a transition phase, the search for a new horizon to pursue and the pathways to reach it. After the ban of my most effective wincon, as a sign of mourning i decided to move away from Eldrazi completely. The deck became more focused, the synergies more defined. Trench Gorger and Hydra Broodmaster were chosen as my new finishers, material manifestations of earth and water, incarnations of green and blue. Apocalypse by genesis.

It was around this time that I began to keep track of changes and updates, as i felt the need to note the results of my experiments.


The experimentation cycle carried out in the third version of this deck was never entirely satisfactory. The strategy was too erratic to be really effective and then, from the need to make the deck more focused, the fourth version was born: the Pragmatist.

Wishing to work on efficiency, for this version I considered more classic Simic tactics such as Blink/ETB and Landfall (using horizons as an effective weapon seemed appropriate for a God of Horizons deck), also to be able to justify the inclusion of pet cards as Apex Altisaur and Aesi, Tyrant of Gyre Strait. More staples were added, a little victory of reason over soul.

Obviously it could never last.


“Souls cross ages like clouds cross skies, and though a cloud's shape nor hue nor size don't stay the same, it's still a cloud and so is a soul. Who can say where the cloud's blowed from or who the soul'll be tomorrow?"

Cloudstone Curio + Omniscience

This combination is an homage to one of my favourite novels, 'The Cloud Atlas' by David Mitchell. Its text is an interconnection of nested stories that take the reader from the remote South Pacific in the 19th century to the island of Hawai'i in a distant post-apocalyptic future, a book about reincarnation and the universality of human nature. All the characters of the story are somehow bonded through time and space, souls whose crimes and acts of kindness shape each other's future in an eternal loop.

I absolutely love how this combination manages to represent the concept of "transmigration of souls". Each creature becomes another in a continuous life cycle, a single soul that moves through the ages following the movement of the clouds.
Obviously this kind of interaction could be used to generate infinite ETBs, but the creatures I use have effects that are inherently self-limiting, finite. The fact remains that it can be used to draw your whole library (a way to Enter the Infinite) or to impose a hard lock on your opponents with creatures such as Mystic Snake.
Obviously this combination also benefits greatly from being able to play creatures as if they had flash.

THE FORWARD PATH or The Curse of Gentle Misplacement:

Crucible of Worlds + Constant Mists

THE IMMOBILE PATH or The Way of Sidereal Rest:

Crucible of Worlds + Glacial Chasm + Aesi, Tyrant of Gyre Strait

THE BACKWARD PATH or The Art of Door Burial:

Crucible of Worlds + Buried Ruin

Work in progress

Here i would like to pay a little tribute to the artists whose wonderful talent makes beautiful this little space of mine. Following the order of the page:

- Terese Nielsen - Enter the Infinite
- Daarken - Kruphix, God of Horizons
- Igor Kieryluk - Kruphix's Insight
- Torstein Nordstrand - Aether Helix
- Mark Tedin - Leviathan
- Sam Burley - Horizon Chimera
- Brom - Platinum Angel
- Jaime Jones - Progenitus
- Noah Bradley - Cloudstone Curio
- Antonio José Manzanedo - Ixidron
- Dominik Mayer - Time Warp

(All art is property of their respective artists and/or Wizards of the Coast.)

“Infinite horizons belong to those who have infinite imagination!”
The page is still a work in progress


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