can't buy new stuff, so i might not be able to use some tips. looking to casually crush a friend from university, feedback appreciated :)

Corpsejack Menace makes all the guys that can use Fists of the Demigod remain playable as well as boost Marchesa, the Black Rose. Then, as Avg CMC is pretty low you quickly run out of hand and need some draw so i tried to remedy that by putting in Ohran Viper with the intent to make him unblockable as well as two different Jaces, who have drawing abilities and a Helm of the Ghastlord. Further into the game Kulrath Knight turns dead weights from early game removals to removals again, though side deck offers some removal options if its needed. of course the point is to play Cruel Ultimatum and do it more if one doesnt do the trick. intead of Snapcaster Mage s which i cant afford one can pull off a lot of casts of that with Treasured Find Reverberate Echo Mage. Use Dimir Doppelganger to keep useful knights, menaces or the echo mage in play.


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