My revision of my Muldrotha deck, with Sidisi at the helm instead. These tooltips explain the custom categories:


Cards that help you put things in the graveyard from the library. Sidisi uses this frequently!


Self-Explanatory. I hope you know what these do!

Recursion Recursion

Things that let you re-play other things or themselves from the graveyard. A very nice bonus in a deck with zombies and things crawling out of graveyards!


Tools that help you get more mana that aren't lands. Don't spend that mana all in one place!

Big Splash

Cards above goodstuff, meant to be the "capstones" of the deck that make everything else work better. Not necessarily instant finishers, but make winning a lot easier with setup!


Things that get rid of other things. It helps to have a couple just in case!


Goodstuff can work in basically any deck, not just mine. These are the cards that have strong value propositions!

Zombie Overlords

While you're busy tossing zombies on the field, use these lords to help buff or reinforce them. Nice!

Graveyard Bait

Whether milled or killed, these cards are destined to end up in the graveyard somehow. Get creative to see all the wacky combos you can make!


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