A death and taxes deck Im working on building, that revolves around making everything my enemies do pay, and then making everything I do cost them extra. Im going to format this nicer and explain it more later when I have the time, but basically You make creatures, sacrifice them for various effects, bring them back(and occasionally steal your opponents) and make everything they do have a cost, usually life.

Suggestions are absolutely welcome!!

This Idea isnt really that complicated. As stated above, everything we do or our opponents do has to have a consequence. Be it paying life, sacrificing creatures, discarding cards or paying mana. It all costs them SOMETHING, or sets us up to do something that does. Our theme is, after all Death and Taxes.

  1. Death: Player Removal

- Test of Endurance and Felidar Sovereign . what lifegain deck would be complete without these two cards? The idea is simple, you put these out and wait until upkeep to win the game hands down. Someone kills Felidar Sovereign ? No worries! Creature recursion is easy! And besides, either or both of these could be flashed out in someones endstep thanks to Emergence Zone .

- Aetherflux Reservoir is really straightforward. there are plenty of ways to gain life in this deck, Aetherflux Reservoir included. A bit of spare life sitting around? you can casually hit someone for 50 life. Even if you never activate it, it acts as a 'Tax' in its own right as a sort of mutually assured destruction for anyone who's thinking about taking you out.

- Debt to the Deathless and Gray Merchant of Asphodel are different flavors of the same Death. they easily net you a ridiculous amount of life and can drop opponents life totals significantly. Even better if you have Sanguine Bond or Vizkopa Guildmage out. Then they lose even MORE life. double down on Death.

- Revel in Riches Is really nice here. Taxes and Death on the same card!! it helps ramp us with the Tax effect that builds into a wincon. great stuff there, especially with smothering tithe.

- Serra Avatar is simple, really. swing in for a bunch of damage. Worst case scenario you sacrfice it to Ayli, Eternal Pilgrim and double your life total.

  1. Taxes: A bit of Orzhov Oppression.
Coming soon


Coming soon
Most of the things in the maybeboard Im trying to decided if they have a place in the deck.

- Phyrexian Arena is planned to replace Underworld Connections eventually, when I have the money for it.

- God-Eternal Oketra and Ophiomancer are all in attempts to increase token generation. God-Eternal Oketra seems strong, and the 4/4 works well with Ayli, Eternal Pilgrim 's ability. The problem is the high CMC. Obviously Bitterblossom is a great choice, but its so expensive. to expensive. If I ever come by a ton of money to pick one up, its in.


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