This deck is semi competitive featuring tymna and ikra. some of the combos include protean hulk restoration angel+felidar guardian+suture priest=infinite health=aetherflux reservoir killing off the table. Twerk on the table with combos

these girls bounce us back to the health we need to win.


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Suture priest insta kill with aether flux. All you need is restoration angel and felidar guardian on the battlefield to trigger Suture priest first ability. Then use AETHERFLUX resovoir to nuke everybody. I have gained one million life in competitive play by just having this girl bounce her bootie with restoration angel and felidar guardian. No responses at the table I then proceeded to nuke people.

Second combo is walking ballista kill

Banish everything with mycosynth Lattice by using consulate crackdown. They're not going to be able to do anything at all because their lands are now gone.

Third combo is ad nauseam +Angel's grace+sickening dreams.

We toss their salad by getting these girls to bounce.


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