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Still a bit work in progress, but most of the good details are here. Archelos, Lagoon Mystic is effectively an Amulet of Vigor as a commander, and Amulet of Vigor is renown for its shenanigans. This deck aims to do as many of those as possible. Looking at funny interactions and elaborate combos to goof out a victory - creating avenues to loop landfall or something related for the win. There is definitely another angle which could be taken with the beautiful turtle boi, leaning more into the graveyard side with sacrificing lands, bringing them back, etc. which is great. However, it's more costly irl and also vulnerable to graveyard hate, so I'm keeping things on the battlefield if I can help it (with just a splash of recursion still baked in).

Bread and butter interaction is probably in dropping a bounce land with Archy out, ideally paired with additional land drops per turn. Something like Archelos, Lagoon Mystic + Azusa, Lost but Seeking + Simic Growth Chamber. Archelos untapped in this scenario can let you drop the bounce land, then tap it for 2 mana before putting that same land back in your hand - hopefully several times per turn. This allows for not only surprisingly strong mana generation, but also leads to tempo swings with even moderately-powered landfall triggers (life gain, card draw, etc.). The bounce land interaction is very strong, and should always be sought after when playing this deck.

Similarly, a strong land interaction you'll run into is the fetch lands and lands-from-graveyard effects, also ideally with extra lands per turn. Using a combo such as Evolving Wilds + Conduit of Worlds + Courser of Kruphix, you can very quickly dig up your lands for insane ramp - not to mention double land ETB per fetch.

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I'm trying to keep this at a reasonable budget level for irl, but I have listed the more expensive (probably more effective) options in their own section of the maybeboard. If budget isn't a concern, feel free to go nuts with those powerful effects.


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