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This deck is, essentially, a budget legacy deck that can run competitively. After my recent additions, the deck pushes the boundaries of a real budget deck, but I feel that it is still cheap enough to merit the tag (If you feel differently, let me know!). The deck is not the most consistent, so it wouldn't be likely to win tournaments, but it could be fun to laugh at the other way more expensive legacy decks lose. The premise of the deck is to get about 2 kobolds in hand with Cloudstone Curio on the field and either grapeshot or Impact Tremors. Play a zero cost kobold to bounce a zero cost kobold to hand, since the kobold is summoned, grapeshot (has storm) and/or Impact Tremors triggers. Ping infinitely to kill everyone in the game, except you. If you want to run it in Vintage, you can get a turn 1 win more easily by adding Mana Crypt to cast seething song and get cloudstone out turn one with Impact Tremors or grapeshot and then bounce to win.

This deck can now win turn one, but the statistical probability is incredibly low. Basically, with 3 mana producers and Seething Song in hand you can produce the 5 mana necessary to win, but you have to luck out and draw a card that you need, like a kobold or Impact Tremors/Grapeshot since the number of cards necessary is 8. But winning turn 1 or 2 is at least possible. It is also possible to get a lucky turn one with Glimpse of Nature in hand and a Lotus Petal or forest to play any number of kobolds in hand without losing any card advantage to, basically, restack your hand with more desirable cards.

As I've been play testing this deck, without any opposing counter spells, this deck can win on turn 4 about 50-60% of the time.


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