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Turn 0 win vs Chancellor of dross (100%)

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This deck is a freeform deck designed to beat 60x Chancellor of the Dross. It can do so 100% of the time. the way it works is before the game starts all copies of Contract from Below are removed from the game, leaving only the cards you need to win turn zero using Flash and Thassa's Oracle all at instant speed and in response to the Dross triggers. the extra Spirit Guide/Reclaim/Street Wraiths are to make sure we always have a card to draw off Manamorphose but keeps our library to 9 so thoracle will always have enough devotion to win.

Here is how you know it’ll win every game:

we need 5 cards to win at instant speed, Thassa’s oracle, flash, 2 Elvish Spirit Guide, and Manamorphose

we exile the Elvish Spirit Guides to play Manamorphose which we use to cast Flash targeting Thassa's Oracle and win.

at most we are missing 2 cards from the combo (because we only have two cards in our library). this means we must have both copies of street wraith in our hand and we can cast both to draw the rest of our deck which we know will assemble the combo. (in this scenario to protect us from decking with manamorphose we have reclaim and an extra elvish spirit guide, putting a street wraith back on top of the library.)

and then there is the case that we are missing only one combo piece, if this is the case we have that combo piece in our library and an unknown card in our library, we also know since street wraith isnt a combo piece and we have two copies in our deck, that we must have at least one copy of street wraith in our hand. so we cycle street wraith and either draw the combo piece, a street wraith or an elvish spirit guide/reclaim (the last two non combo pieces). if we draw the missing combo piece we just win on the spot. if we draw the street wraith the missing combo piece must be the last card in the deck and we can use the street wraith to draw it and win. and if we draw a non combo piece, non street wraith card the other street wraith must already be in our hand since the last card in the deck is a combo piece, so we can use the street wraith to draw and win. so if you are missing exactly one combo piece you will always be able to win turn 0.

in summary: since we only have nine cards in our hand and library after removing contract from below, after drawing our opening hand there are only three types of hands we can draw: hands where we are missing two combo pieces, hands where we’re missing 1 combo piece and hands where we’re missing 0. since we’ve shown that each of these will be guaranteed to win at instant speed against dross, there is a 100% certainty that this deck will win regardless of coin flip against dross.


This deck does contain some weaknesses that must be addressed, to accurately understand it’s viability in the current freeform meta, while it is a hard counter to dross, it loses to 60x force of will which can be sided in between games one and two. and additionally it would be very hard to maintain a 100% win rate while adding any more cards (ideally interaction for force) to the 9 important ones we have as that would mean we could no longer win if our opening hand contains all of our combo pieces since thoraccle would not be able to win (we would have at least three cards in the deck and two blue devotion). so as of right now im stuck on where to go from here to counter the 60x force of will.


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We can replace the reclaim with noxious revival which frees up a space for a counterspell in the deck.


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