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Turbo Hulk

Many Meren of Clan Nel Toth attrition decks go big with Yawgmoth, Thran Physician , Phyrexian Delver , Grave Titan , Sheoldred, Whispering One , and Vorinclex, Voice of Hunger , etc. In this turbo version however, we keep creatures small and cheap while running all the mana dorks and reanimation we can to accelerate how quickly we can find and play Protean Hulk for a combo win.

  • You enjoy an active play style that interacts with the board and other players.
  • You like combos, particularly ones with creatures.
  • Using the graveyard as a resource makes you happy.
  • You prefer your commander to be an integral part of every game.
  • You like playing under the radar.
  • You dislike creatures or combinations.
  • Controlling the board is not your style.
  • You don't prefer to play your commander every game.

Play ramp, draw, and sacrifice sources early until Meren is on the battlefield. Then start sacrificing creatures and let Meren bring them back for value while tutors like Birthing Pod and Protean Hulk help find game-winning combinations

Meren was born and raised in Jund, belonging to the shard's shamanistic Circle of Nel Toth, one of the many clans that inhabited the shard. She was trained as a Shaman, focusing on life and elemental binding to survive in the harsh landscape.

At the age of twelve, she underwent the 'Dreamfire Ritual', where she was put in a race against time to bind an elemental and then cleanse the dreamfire poison in her system. Things when horribly wrong when the elemental attacked during her attempts to bind it, and she resorted to death magic, something new that had entered Jund from the Conflux of Alara.

She was cast out by her clan and left to die, her own mentor condemning her as an abomination. However, Meren was a survivor and she made it to shelter, despite being severely wounded in her fight with the elemental, and fighting off the poison in her system. She used her new-found powers to cleanse the poison, and then slowly made her way in to Grixis after healing.

Over the years she learned to master her power and even fought the necromancers of the shard until she felt strong enough to return to her old home. With a resurrected dragon that she named Skaal Kesh and an ever growing army of undead, she rained vengeance down upon her former clansmates and mentor, becoming the Last of Clan Nel Toth before vowing to conquer the rest of Jund.


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