Trostani returns with new art thanks to the Guilds of Ravnica Guild Kit precons, and she's back a whole lot of flair! Make sure to sort by the 'Custom' category (where it normally says 'Type') if you are interested in seeing a rough breakdown on the major role each card plays within the deck.

What could be worse than a giant paint bubble?! TWO giant paint bubbles!

Welcome to the Conclave Collective Photocopy Shop, where all of your reanimating needs is simply one Mimic Vat activation away! I hope you left your Saproling tokens at home, because we're here instead to cheat out token copies of big, BIG creatures that have no right being tokens. Use the hefty chonkers in our graveyard and on our battlefield as blueprints for some fatty tokens, then copy those tokens using the Populate mechanic for some extreme value!

Mimic Vat and Seance allow us to "reanimate" creatures that we've sac'd or discarded to things like Greater Good , Altar of Dementia , or Fauna Shaman , allowing us to reclaim those creatures in the form of token copies to populate with Trostani, Selesnya's Voice or Selesnya Eulogist . Bramble Sovereign generates copies of our creatures as they enter play, while Blade of Selves and Helm of the Host create token copies of valuable creatures already on our battlefield. Bring your favorite boys to the yard, plop them down next to your own personal Xerox machine, and gain so much life with Trostani that you could Aetherflux Reservoir the whole table five times over! I guarantee™ it.

Special thanks to the people below who helped inspire this list! The deck is a bunch of fun to play, and I hope I've done this awesome commander a shred of justice.

Tev over at MTGSalvation with their list: "Trostani, That's Not Supposed to be a Token!"

MTG Muddstah and his list on this site: Trostani Graveyard Tokens

Fortzilla and their list: Trostani Voice of G/W Tokens which is also inspired by MTG Muddstah's list.

JumboCommander with his list: "Trostani, Selesnya's Voice but with Better Tokens"

Thank you all for stopping by and viewing the decklist! Leave an upvote if you enjoyed it, and comment below with any suggestions or recommendations you might have. Take care and have a good one! :]


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