Someone recently suggested I try out Emeria, The Sky Ruin which seems very in line with the deck's theme of recursion. This will require a significant manabase overhaul and further testing, but I'll give it a try in the coming months. If things play out well I will reflect the changes here.

Trostani is back with new art, and a whole lotta flair! This time Selesnya's Voice of guidance has put aside their disdain towards artificial artifacts and has taken up running their own photocopying business! Welcome to the Conclave Collective Copy Shop, where reanimating your favorite creature is just one Mimic Vat away!

While you're inside Conclave Copy, take care not to actually waste (or even use) any paper. We don't support the murder and defilement of healthy, young trees deserving of several hundred years more of life. And we're not just here to copy random 1/1s left on our battlefield! Oh no, we instead plan to cheat out copies of expensive creatures, BIG creatures, whether it be from our battlefield or from our graveyard. "Reanimator, but no Black?" you might ask... Well we're here to use those large powerful chonkers in our graveyard as blueprints for some big, fatty token copies of creatures that have no right being tokens, then copying those tokens with the Populate mechanic for some extreme value.

Mimic Vat and Seance allow us to 're-animate' creatures that we've sac'd to things like Greater Good or Altar of Dementia, or discarded to Fauna Shaman, and reclaim those creatures in the form of tokens which can be Populated with our commander or Selesnya Eulogist. Additionally, Bramble Sovereign generates copies of our creatures as they enter play, while Blade of Selves and Helm of the Host create token copies of value creatures left on our battlefield. Chose your favorite Green and/or White fattie, spam them on the board to your pleasure, and all the while gain so much life with Trostani that you'll be sheer unkillable through combat damage! I guarantee™ it.

To close out our games, we can either beat down our opponents with replicated copies of your favorite large creature, mill our opponents' decks with Altar of Dementia, or spirit bomb the rest of the table with Aetherflux Reservoir. From spamming insane ETB effects, to recurring game-winning threats, to amassing one absolute unit of a life total, this deck's almost everything. The only thing

Special thanks to the people below who inspired this list! The deck is a bunch of fun to play, and I hope I've done this awesome commander a shred of justice!

Tev over at MTGSalvation with their list: "Trostani, That's Not Supposed to be a Token!"

MTG Muddstah and his list on this site: Trostani Graveyard Tokens

Fortzilla and their list: Trostani Voice of G/W Tokens which is also inspired by MTG Muddstah's list.

JumboCommander with his list: "Trostani, Selesnya's Voice but with Better Tokens"

And lastly I'd like to thank all of you who visited this page! Please leave an upvote if you enjoyed the list and comment with any suggestions or recommendation advice you might have! Have a good one!


Updates Add

Some of these changes are a result of me testing more on strong Landfall cards, as I believe they could be a strong addition to the deck. In addition, it was suggested that I try out Emeria, The Sky Ruin and I can see it bringing a lot to the table. Certainly finicky to get working, but I tested a few lands matter cards in the meantime, and some of them greatly surprised me.

1) Farhaven Elf --> Tireless Tracker: Farhaven felt fairly medium, and I noticed myself never searching for it. We already have Wood Elves as a primary Woodland Bellower target to ramp with, while Sakura-Tribe Elder has greater combo potential alongside Sun Titan and Emeria Shepherd. I experimented with Solemn Simulacrum in this spot due to Birthing Pod but I found its lack of green color identity to hurt in the long run. I did however appreciate the draws it brought; Tireless Tracker fulfills that role spectacularly and will only get better as the manabase gets more refined.

2) Sundering Growth --> Aura Shards: Similar argument to Rootborn Defenses, I found myself in situations where I'd simply use it without a token to populate with. And while it is an incredibly cheap populate card, I can't cast it without a valid target in the first place. I tested Nature's Claim in this spot, and it served me well enough. But then someone remarked why I don't just play Aura Shards, and I couldn't come up with a good defense.

3) Crush Contraband --> Lotus Cobra: Aura Shards can do some heavy lifting, and if I really desire an exile effect, Angel of Sanctions can do a good enough job. Cobra was added as it's a good landfall creature that can be grabbed with Woodland Bellower, and will only get better after changing the manabase to include more fetches and such. Also, this card is crazy good with Wood Elves, potential BFFs right there.

4) God-Pharaoh's Gift --> Rhys the Redeemed: I always disliked the requirement to exile the creature for Gift to function, although granting haste to the right creature was pretty great. Paying 7 mana on an artifact, just to have it get removed the same turn? Not great. I like the card overall, but it's once per turn cycle. Not nearly as abusable as Seance can be, and even that card is giving me second thoughts. Rhys is one heck of a card though, and could have easily been slotted in over like 20 different cards in the deck. Gift was just a bit too expensive and slow to cast and utilize for my taste, but I might come back to it. I predict a functional Emeria, The Sky Ruin will make for a strong, if not better, imitation of Gift, but it will require a significant change to the manabase. That's for the future though, and Rhys kinda demands an immediate slot in the deck. =p

5) Stirring Wildwood --> Nykthos, Shrine to Nyx: Clones and token copies of actual, factual creatures copy the mana cost of the original creature, including the specific mana symbols in the original creature's casting cost. Thus, clones and tokens from sources such as Mimic Vat add to devotion. Knowing this, I feel kind of silly for not including Nykthos originally; in any case it's certainly better than Wildwood was, as the dream of equipping Wildwood with a Helm of the Host just never panned out. One last thing, Nykthos can help pay the colorless for Mirrorpool, this is the reason for including Brushland in the manabase as well.


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