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Trix by Michelle Bush, 2000



Taken from Patrick Chapins Innovations - A History of the Best Decks from the First 17 Years of Magic for StarCityGames.com

"Full On Trix has been called the most feared deck in Magic history and I would say that is probably true with only full on Affinity giving it a run for its money. It is nowhere near many Type 1 decks but as far as major formats go this deck was second to none.

Michelle Bush actually created the first version with the idea being that you tutor for and force through a Necropotence rather than your combo. Then you trade almost all of your life to sculpt the perfect hand and win next turn.

This combination deck was the final execution of the Necropotence as a tutor strategy that had first been piloted by Adrian Sullivan in Rome the year before. Necropotence is such a powerful card drawer you can actually just draw 15 or so cards and win the game outright in a format as powerful as Extended so the theory goes."


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