We thank Glasya for her gifts and dark blessings.

The Overall Idea

Utilize a variety of effects that allow us to "Impulse Draw" (eg Act on Impulse), play our own cards from exile, or steal from opponents and play their cards from exile. The riches and treasure bestowed up on us by Glasya are a helpful resource for playing the spells she grants us. Through Glasya's patronage, we have a few possible routes to triumph:

"Baseline" Options

This is what Prosper likes to normally do without necessarily utilizing combos, and should be a byproduct of playing as usual.

Combo Option

The deck currently only has Demonic Tutor and Scheming Symmetry as primary tutor options, although Praetor's Grasp can steal missing pieces. I wanted to make sure that any combo pieces included in this deck would still be useful on their own, and not necessarily be dead draws.

Ideally this combo will be played in First Main Phase, so the infinite Haste-y Dualcaster Mages can then swing during combat

If for whatever reason this combo is played in Second Main Phase, Storm-Kiln Artist + Reckless Fireweaver (or any of the other treasure burn crew) can be added as additional pieces. Storm-Kiln will create treasure tokens each time Twinflame is copied, and Reckless Fireweaver will ping for damage each time.

Obvious additions to the deck that could improve it

The tutors would be incredibly flavorful, as well as helpful for grabbing combo pieces and X spells. Everyone's favorite party goblin would also be incredible for the Treasure sub-theme. My one copy is currently in my Vadrok deck (for now).

My catch-all for "traditional ramp" in the form of Mana Rocks, as well as mana acceleration from Crypt Ghast, Rituals, and Treasure support.

Evil Vibes

This deck currently runs 10 total lands with the Swamp type (8 basics, Blood Crypt, & Canyon Slough), so Crypt Ghast should have enough to work with even without Urborg. Having both on board at the same time is Magic Christmas Nightmare land.

  • Crypt Ghast Gives some extra juice to all of our Swamp-typed lands, and can also utilize all of our bonus Mana to Extort the table.
  • Urborg, Tomb of Yawgmoth Steroids for Crypt Ghast.

The Rocks


More may be added as play-testing progresses.

  • Birgi, God of Storytelling   Great and versatile card for this deck. Her front side keeps some mana up on the turns that we want to cast multiple spells, and her Harnfel, Horn of Bounty side is helpful for mid-late game when we would prefer to impulse draw and dump less than useful cards.
  • Jeska's Will Slam dunk of a card for this deck. Keeps our engine humming with its impulse draw and ritual mana for playing those spells.
  • Chandra, Torch of Defiance Nice variety of options that work well with what the deck wants to do. Her +1s are useful for impulse drawing or ritual ramp.


This deck wants to make and support Træsures. Maybe not technically ramp, but it will hopefully help us stay ahead of the curve and play plenty of spells from the Mystic Arcanum.

  • Deadly Dispute It makes a treasure and draws 2 cards at instant speed. Very nice.
  • Academy Manufactor Adds an extra kick to Træsure production. The Food tokens can be used for life stabilization if needed, and Clues for additional draw. All these tokens being pumped out & sac'd also synergize well with Storm-Kiln Artist, Mayhem Devil, Reckless Fireweaver. and Disciple of the Vault.
  • Xorn More Træsure please
  • Storm-Kiln Artist Although this isn't a decicated Spellslinger deck, the current iteration of the deck has about 21 total Instants and Sorceries for Træsure producing opportunities.
  • Goldspan Dragon Gives some extra kick to each Træsure, and can make some more each time it swings away or gets targeted for removal.
  • Revel in Riches Goofy alt win-con and slight insulation against board wipes.

There are a variety of means to draw on power from beyond this mortal plane. This deck runs on Impulse Draw & playing from exile, so it is ideal to have a variety of effects that make that possible.


Cantrips, Drawing, and Top deck shenanigans

To round out and support the Impulse Draw and Mystic Arcanum, I wanted a few effects that could help me get cards in hand a bit more.... "traditionally'

  • Sensei's Diving Top YKWTFGO, fix the top decks, and get your Adventure, Cascade, Rebound, and X spells into your hand. Help Prosper get the right spells into Exile.

  • Mind Stone Early game ramp and a cantrip if needed when the ramp is less relevant because of treasures.

  • Night's Whisper

  • Academy Manufactor In the draw category? Treasures will come stapled with Clue tokens, and also Food tokens I guess.

  • Phyrexian Arena Maybe not the best draw effect these days, but can be helpful and give some additional fuel to Uba Mask

  • Bolas's Citadel Additional method of peaking ahead at top of deck without having to reveal it. Playing off the top of the deck helps conserve Treasures for use with the Treasure Burn Creatures, as well as Citadel's tap ability. Playing off the top deck also helps get around Possibility Storm and Uba Mask. To no surprise, gets even more bonkers with Sensei's Divining Top.


  • Dream Devourer Protects pieces from wheels and discard effects, and can help us tuck away anything we might want to Foretell later for a slightly cheaper cost.

Infernal and Impulsive Plays

Infernal Theft

A Warlock must always be armed to handle a multitude of threats. A Warlock utilizes Removal to destroy single or multiple adversaries simultaneously. Warlocks also utilize disruptive magic to Interact with their adversaries, and slow their advances.



Aside from Vandal Blast, this deck is fairly light on Wipes. I opted to have more spot removal that can be played at Instant speed with Mystic Arcanum. I'll probably add in a Blasphemous Act if I feel it's needed since my meta can be creature heavy. The times Blasphemous Act was played in past games, it usually came down close to 1 mana.

Although the deck title is a line of lyrics from Takyon by Death Grips, for me the overall theme/vibes of this deck were more inspired by Beware, also off Death Grips' Ex-Military mix-tape.

"...Work for what, money? I got all the money in the world! I'm the king, man, I run the underworld, guy! I decide whose does, what and where they do it at!... I make the money man, I roll the nickels, the game is mine! I deal the cards"

Warlock-y vibes on the Beware lyrics

Although a Warlock ultimately draws their powers from a dark patron, the Warlock ultimately worships themself and their own ambitions, and the powers from their patron are a fulfillment of that worship.


Updates Add

With the addition of the Dualcaster Mage + Twinflame as a more compact combo, I felt a few more changes were needed:


  • Chain of Smog The combo was cool no doubt, but on its own, Chain of Smog was a dead draw without the other pieces on board.

  • Grenzo, Havoc Raiser I don't swing out with creatures as often as I thought I would. I realized I trimmed out the other combat damage reliant creatures, and this was the last one. Grenzo is great, but the more I played it, the less helpful it felt.


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