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The Trinisphere Ep3 - Melek Chaos

Commander / EDH


The Trinisphere Episode 3 Chance Encounter

Here's my Timmy-take on Melek, Izzet Paragon. In this chaos deck, the majority of the cards just make for an interesting and eccentric game of unpredictable results. Many cards simply alter spells and permanents, effectively disrupting and randomizing opponents' game plans. The deck seeks to close out the game by creating a lock-down by assembling Knowledge Pool/Possibility Storm & Arcane Laboratory/Mana Maze which will prevent or greatly hinder players from casting spells or with a Hive Mind with Pact of Negation/Pact of the Titan. The deck then seeks to exploit this lock-down state by casting spells to trigger Talrand, Sky Summoner, Guttersnipe, and Metallurgic Summonings.

Playing around Possibility Storm and Knowledge Pool

Hive Mind

  • Pact of Negation and Pact of the Titan cast while Hive Mind is in play will cause players to copy those spells, consequentially receiving delayed "lose the game" effects that occur on their upkeep. Hope they have U/R mana, or they are out for the count.
  • Mass Polymorph - Since they're forced to cast your spell, Mass Polymorph is a great way to mulligan their winning boardstate into a random one.
  • Overwhelming Denial - Being uncounterable means you can still stick this spell with Hive Mind out. Otherwise, they can just get copies of your counterspell and use them to counter your counter!
  • Summary Dismissal - Also goes the distance in a pinch since opponents' copies do the exact same thing.
  • AEtherize/ Inundate - Affect only a particular set of cards, so these are fine if they get copied.
  • Bribery - Allows the pod to completely pillage that good-stuff creature deck of all its bombs
  • Rite of Replication - Can really even the playing field by giving everyone a copy of that bomb that's dominating the battlefield.

General Chaos Effects

Other Utility Cards

Playing Chaos

The deck is designed to fly under the radar through political machinations and by presenting a small threat profile. Chaos effects generate less threat by being symmetrical, random, or by replacing permanents as opposed to targeted removal. The chaos effects will extend the life of the game, giving you time to dig for your combo pieces or to generate huge advantages through your cast-triggered abilities. Otherwise, you can sit back and enjoy a eclectic game of "trolling the spikes" where, the harder players try to win, the more hilarious the game becomes! In the end, this is a fun, casual EDH deck that intends for making some silly gameplay memories!


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