First, I just want to thank everyone for getting this as the top EDH deck for Trelassara! It means a lot to me and I put a lot of work into building it.

Once I figure out how to work with coding/HTMLs, I will make the page look a lot nicer, also with a more detailed description.

I built this after being gifted a foil Trelasara, so while wanting to build a Selesnya deck anyways, I decided to try and make a voltron lifegain themed deck with Moon Dancer. Also really like the artwork of this card.

Costing only W/G, our moon dancing elf is very easy to summon early, and it is very easy to gain a lot of life just as early with staple 1 drops like Essence Warden and Soul Warden. We win in this deck by Trelasarra, Moon Dancer dishing out high commander damage once she is fully suited up with all her equipment (Shadowspear is perfect, but the swords can be situational and are always good; tutor them with Stoneforge Mystic) and enchantments, Felidar Sovereign if you are optimistic and keep him alive for the next upkeep, and Test of Endurance as a hardier enchantment version alternate. Aetherflux Reservoir works as a potential wincon too since you will easily amass large amounts of life.

Please leave suggestions and ideas below!


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