Welcome, Ahh Ixalan such a wonderfull place filled with beautifull seas and lands (aswell of sweet ixalian girls.. ahem), let me tell you the tale about my young life, way before I end up here in Kaladesh, I'm telling you those pirate have it easy with all those aether thingy technology, I'm pretty sure they couldn't handle one of those pesky giant lizards, or sharpteeth foe ! Ah I disgress from the topic (thought do note that Kaledeshian girls have nothing to shy of the Ixalan one, you're in for a wild ride..ehehe my bad), I'm sorry, such wonderfull memories it's hard to focus, now let us begin our ixalan tale then if you are as good as gold, I might tell you the tale about my Kaladesh trip.

We have 2 plans in this :

1- Trying to intimidate people with some sweet pirate action.


2- Being the wealthiest of the table, and bullying people at how poor they are.

Feel free to comments and don't forget to Upvote if you liked the deck. Thank you very much.


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