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This is a uncompleted eggs deck I am missing many of the best wheels. I am getting wrecked by my friend who plays a competitive ad naus kess with a lot of ramp and interaction. I have problems with comboing and interacting with what he does. I need help with sideboarding in interaction... I run like no lands somehow I don't get mana screwed often.

The CMDRs are pretty useless most of the time...then again most of the cards are too... but that is the point of eggs. It is to kill your opponent with cheap garbage.

Never be afraid to throw out seemingly strong cards like Metalworker or Rings of Brighthearth when you are looting. Or even sacrificing all of your artifact lands to get that extra bit of mana. The hardest part about this deck is knowing when you can slam Krark-Clan Ironworks and pray that you can hit either Scrap Trawler or some kind of recursion.

This is the non interactive version of this deck (this means there is no stax pieces or instants) so it will run almost a turn faster than some of the other versions of this deck.

Main Combos

Scrap Trawler + Krark-Clan Ironworks =hopefully cycle through the whole deck for aetherflux or find 2 of these cards Myr Retriever Junk Diver Workshop Assistant. This is the main idea of this deck. If you have both of these on the board and a couple of eggs in the graveyard then you will probably win.

Paradox Engine + Temple Bell= hopefully can cycle through deck with eggs

Krark-Clan Ironworks + Codex Shredder + Open the Vaults or Scrap Mastery (remember to sac ironworks)

Mini combos

Paradox Engine + Sensei's Divining Top (you can pretend that top is like Temple Bell) you do this by casting a spell holding priority to that spell activating top. This puts this ability on the stack before the paradox engine trigger. Then the paradox engine trigger will go off untapping top allowing you to activate its ability again. This means you get to draw 2 cards, one being the card on top of your library and the other being top.

Quicksmith Genius + Sensei's Divining Top= loot for one mana, if you have mana reduction then you will be able to loot through your entire deck. To do this combo you cast top and in response to quicksmith's ability you need to activate top. This will allow you to draw a card putting Sensei's Divining Top on the top of your library and then you get to decide if you want to keep the card.

Sensei's Divining Top + Riddlesmith + an artifact card= same thing as the other combo but you need to activate top in response to riddlesmith's ability after you play the artifact.

Any number of Rings of Brighthearth combos

If something stupid happens...Demonic Consultation I am talking about you (why do I play this...)...

Alternative "WinCons"

Akiri, Line-Slinger + Time Sieve beats

Windfall + having a lot of cards in hand to kill everyone

Codex Shredder mill with Paradox Engine

Implement of Combustion looping -you can kill 2 people if you are careful about it

Temple Bell + Clock of Omens + a lot of artifacts and or Paradox Engine triggers. If you are careful about it then it is possible to draw everyone to death if you can use the stack to your advantage.

This deck can get even cheaper. Just take out Metalworker, Mana Confluence, Rings of Brighthearth, Coalition Relic, Time Sieve, Tezzeret the Seeker and Scroll Rack. This will leave the deck at its barebones and will likely need some tutors and more ramp cards.


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