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Transformers! Werewolves in Disguise!

Modern* Aggro RG (Gruul) Tokens Werewolf Zoo


After throwing a makeshift werewolf deck together for casual and have it do pretty well I've decided to actually build one.

How this deck ruins your new carpet...

Creatures -

Reckless Waif   - It may not be Delver, but who wants to argue over a 3/2 for one mana?

Wolfbitten Captive   - I was running Young Wolf here but the utility of the pump effect should help in the early game. Especially when everyone's getting 2/2s for one mana these days.

Mayor of Avabruck   - Yeah, you know this guy.

Immerwolf - Gets more use out of your werewolves by keeping them big and angry.

Daybreak Ranger   - Makes you wish you'd draw that Drogskol Captain already.

Kruin Outlaw   - Uses her charm to keep you from killing her 2/2 and possibly boosted first striking self, then once you turn your back it's all "Rawr! Snarl! Om nom nom..." Ah, love is a fickle thing...

Huntmaster of the Fells   - Kicks ass while flipping back and forth, still kicks ass with Immerwolf on the board.

Burn, Planeswalkers, other Tools for being a toolbag...

Bonfire of the Damned - Drives back enemy hordes from the hand. On the draw? It's an unblocked wolf stampede waiting to happen.

Descendants' Path - I needed something to replace Green Sun's Zenith. Playing my creatures for free sounded enticing.

Full Moon's Rise - The conversion to more of a werewolf tribal deck made this a must have. Especially since this deck has a problem with heavy removal.

Garruk Relentless   - Spits wolves out his mouth, then flips and spits them out his ass. Lets me sacrifice tokens or other wolves for better wolves.

Moonmist - Makes my werewolves angrier and prevents all combat damage that would be dealt by everything but them? Winning!

Cavern of Souls - Long lost members of the pack cast a ward of protection over this place.

Kessig Wolf Run - This card sucks, why did I put it in here?

Keep that sideboard growling...

Ancient Grudge - Werewolves hate artifacts. This card hates artifacts twice as much.

Bramblecrush - For those times when an Ancient Grudge just won't do.

Creeping Renaissance - Every time I go to town, people start kicking my dogs around. It makes no difference if my dogs are hounds, you better stop kicking my dogs around.

Pillar of Flame - Ensures your opponent's zombies go to hell and stay there.

Revenge of the Hunted - How you gonna eat Little Red Riding Hood without a Big, Bad Wolf?

Tree of Redemption - No idea. The wolves probably gather around it and howl.

Witchbane Orb - Werewolves are very temperamental, so why piss off their leader?

Zealous Conscripts - You know what people really hate? Getting beat with their own pimp.

+1's and suggestions are appreciated. Thanks!



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