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Tradewind Riders

Legacy GU (Simic)


This is my favorite for one reason: you get to lock down any strategy by the powerful combination of come-into-play effects like Venser or Mystic Snake, combined with the ability to use them over and over again with Crystal Shard or Tradewind Riders - plus you can bounce anything you want anytime.

This is a budget version without expensive dual lands. Most of the cards aren't expensive, but aren't seeing tournament play so they are mostly cheap.

Hope you enjoy! Feedback or suggestions welcome.


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Found a few new cards which are incredible in this deck.

First, Kiora's Follower is busted. You can tutor for it with the Bellower (bc he is green), and he let's you get 2x uses out of Tradewind Riders. Bouncing 2x lands belonging to your opponent isn't fun for them, especially when they realize you can do it every turn!

Next is Tishana, Voice of Thunder. Really stupid, and better than Prime Speaker Zegana because most of your creatures are mana dorks, walls or Tradewind Riders, so you mostly have a highest power = 1.


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