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Looking for a deck thats unique, fun and powerful? Then you might enjoy playing this Toxrill, the Corrosive polymorph deck. One things for sure, salt can' t kill this slug! This deck is different from other Toxrill builds in that it has a polymorph subtheme. The goal of this deck is to take advantage of toxrills built-in removal effect and token generation to polymorph into powerful creatures that can quickly shut down the board. The deck runs a little slower than some others until you can get Toxrill out due to high CMC cards and low creature count, but with such a broken commander (especially in multiplayer edh) you make up for lost time easily. You will want to cast your commander as quickly as possible, but still be able to play a protection spell on him, as he is a big target as soon as he hits the board. One of the main combos you want to draw/ tutor into is the Urborg, tomb of Yawgmoth // kormus bell combo. When used in combination with Toxrill, it automatically destroys all opponents lands each end step. Depending on the situation, you may want to play kormus bell the turn after Toxrill, because if your playgroup recognizes this combo, they have a chance to remove the bell, or play a board wipe and destroy all lands. Once this combo is in effect, it is easy to play a Tidespout Tyrant or a Hullbreaker Horror to bounce all their mana rocks and render them effectively out of the game. You have several ways of tutoring for Urborg as well, and those methods can often tutor out recursion for your combo pieces as well. If your using Expidition map and are not close to assembling the bell combo, you can tutor for Academy ruins for repeatable land tutors ( to get cards like Urborg, Cabal coffers, or even Petrified field for urborg recursion.) One of your your main targets for tutors is Razaketh, the foul- blooded. Once you have that repeatable tutor effect, you can sacrifice your slugs to quickly assemble combos and wincons while remaining adaptable to the situation. As soon as you can, (made easy with Ashnods Alter) tutor for omniscience and play it. From there, you effectively have; pay 2 life, sac a creature (most likely a slug) to get any card in your deck onto the battlefield. Beacon of unrest works well here because you can have a repeatable reanimation spell for artifacts/creatures, even from opposing players graveyards. Nexus of fate also enables for many extra turns. One effective wincon is playing Revel in riches. If you play it before assembling the Urborg/bell combo, you can win very easily. If not, then infernal genesis is a good failsafe (and synergizes with your recursion effects). You will want to have Urborg in play before Revel though, due to the sheer number of artifact/ enchantment removal in Edh. Another combo is as follows: tidespout tyrant, hullbreaker horror, and sol ring on the battlefield, expedition map in hand ( i mention expidition map here, but any nonland permanent with 1 cmc or a 2 cmc artifact with an instant tap for one mana will work. you can also have this on the battlefield, but then the combo requires you to play a spell to start up. The best is a colorless card, as it make the combo available whenever.) To pull of the combo, tap your sol ring for two, floating one and playing your expidition map. you will have two bounce triggers, one targeting sol ring and the other targeting an opponents permanent. With the one colorless floating, recast sol ring, bouncing another permanent and expidition map. Repeat this process to bounce an of your opponents permanents, ending with an untapped sol ring and expidition map in hand. With a flash enabler like leyline of anticipation, you have a hard lock to bounce all opponents spells and permanents. If you are using the 2 cmc artifact, simply tap it for the cost of sol ring rather than have it pay for itself. (EDIT: instead of expidition map, you can use spellbook or tormods crypt. This way you generate infite colorless mana, to sink into a Torment Of Hailfire or an exsanguinate for the win. With the two or one mana artifact, alar of the brood or aetherflux reservoir are also won-cons. with omniscience in play, this combo works even better as any mana rock + any permanent will generate infinite mana. If your not looking to bounce your opponents stuff, just one of either Tidespout tyrant or Hullbreaker horror will work.) Once you polymorph into big creatures, you always have the option of winning through straight combat damage if all else fails as you opponents field will be blocker free. This deck can win from turns 6-11 (although it can shut down the board around turn five or potentially win by turn 4, but its unlikely) , so while it might not be a hard-core Cedh deck that wins on turn 1 or 2, it will do really well in a game of multiplayer. It also won't cost you a fortune (compared to some other "budget" decks that come in at several thousands of dollars.) Some cards like lord of the void and consecrated Sphinx can also be be cut to be even more budget friendly. The deck is also easily upgradable with cards like the eldrazi titans or Blightsteel colossus if cost is not a prohibitor. It only sideboards an island currently (to swap out with morphic pool in a 1v1), so you can sideboard to ajust to your meta. All that being said, it is a bit of an advanced strategy, and you will have to goldfish a bit to be familiar with the deck. Make sure your playgroup is ok with the level (8-8.5), and above all, have fun playing an interesting and unique deck!


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