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Tortured Existencing While Social Distancing

Pauper BG (Golgari) Control Midrange Pauper



Those creatures aren't wearing facemasks! Keep them at least 6 feet away from me ... or 6-feet-under in the graveyard until I need them.

Ok, so the pun is totally shoehorned but the deck is cool! Mill, mill, mill then use Tortured Existence in conjunction with dredge creatures Stinkweed Imp and Golgari Brownscale to recur whatever creature we want out of the yard whenever we want!

Some highlights: - Crypt Rats as a board wipe and reusable, scalable burn spell; mana base is skewed towards in order to pay into it (as well as to always make sure we can activate Tortured Existence whenever we need to) - Mesmeric Fiend as hand disruption (and can sack it to Carrion Feeder in response to its ETB trigger to permanently exile something) - Golgari Brownscale for on-demand lifegain and dredging - Grave Scrabbler is just great value with madness - Tilling Treefolk for getting lands out of the yard when we inevitably mill them

Remember to always wear a mask!


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