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Son of a Nutcracker! This is a ridiculous number of elves!

Do you love elves? Do you love drawing all the cards out of your deck and crushing an Opponent with one fell swoop? What about placing a ton of tokens on the field all at once? Have you ever wanted to crush your opponent without ever attacking, Just by using a sheer massive army of elves that just look pretty the whole time? Well do I have the deck for you! The mainboard of this deck is vastly different than it has been in the past. The deck started off with Doubling Season + Elvish Promenade to put a ton of elves out on the field. but I realized that that combo combined with Shaman of the Pack wasn't getting me consistent wins. But i still love that idea so much that I sideboarded those cards so i can quickly change my deck back to its old glory. It has now taken a more fast paced approach to dumping elves out on the field. Not to mention the infamous combo of Cloudstone Curio + Elvish Visionary . With this combo my board presence has exploded. Not to mention it has won me games faster than the previous deck set up.

This deck is a work in progress and I’d love some feedback on how to make it even better!


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