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https://edh100.wordpress.com/2016/03/17/game-194-rayne-academy-chancellor-plus-detailed-deck-breakdown/Rayne has been one of my favorite cards since I got her in a Urza's Whateever starter theme deck long ago. As a former Teacher, I decided to make her into a Theme deck all about school life. Couldn't really decide on a name, though I like Tolarian Flight Academy, Rayne's School Days, and Tolaria College Prep and Airforce ROTC...

Oh, The theme is so stylish that I almost forgot that this deck has the additional restriction of being ALL PERMANENTS! No instants or sorceries.

Here's the breakdown : (Go Beebles!):

Faculty:Rayne, Academy Chancellor (Headmistress)Barrin, Master Wizard (Board of Trustees, Chair)Azami, Lady of Scrolls (Librarian (NOT "media Specialist")Archivist (Assistant Librarian)Grand Architect (Operations Director)Magus of the Future (Development Director)Lu Xun, Scholar General (Athletics Director)Psychosis Crawler (School Counselor)Stern Proctor (Dean of Curriculum)Stronghold Biologist (Biology)Stronghold Machinist (STEM/Robotics)Vedalken AEthermage (Substitute Teacher)Wizard Mentor (Dean of Students)Arcanis the Omnipotent (Humanities)Windreader Sphinx (Flight Training)Archetype of Imagination (Flight Training / Art)

Student Body:Academy Researchers (post-grad year)Disruptive Student (Class ClownMetathran Elite (Football Running-Back)Morphling (the Distinguished Alumnus)Reckless Scholar (the burnout)Student of Elements (Flight Student)Thran Golem (Football Offsensive Line)Vesuvan Doppelganger (social butterfly)Voidmage Prodigy (the Nerd)Youthful Scholar (the Frosh)

The Mascots! Go Beebles!Bouncing BeeblesBubbling Beebles

Teaching Life:Freed from the Real (Friday Happy Hour!)Confiscate (mostly cell-phones)Oath of Scholars (Scholarships!)Decree of Silence (Shh!)Diviner's Wand (the pointer)Expedition Map (Expeditionary Learning (tm) Curriculum Maps)Spellbook (gradebook)

The Curriculum:Reef Worm (Biology Homework)Archmage Ascension (Senior Thesis)Curiosity (Drop Everything And Read)Psionic Gift (psychlogy)Sphinx's Tutelage (color theory)Thought Reflection (student-led conferences)Unifying Theory (Physics Homework)Private Research (independent study)Hermetic Study (study hall)Rhystic Study (study hall)Masterwork of Ingenuity (shop project)Myriad Landscape (off-campus Study)Nykthos, Shrine to Nyx (classics)25 Islands (geography!)

Airforce Academy:Arcanum WingsDrake UmbraFlight of FancyLaunchLevitationVow of FlightPemmin's Aura

What's in the Backpack?:Empyrial Plate (sports pads)Mind Stone (laptop)Thought Vessel (cell-phone)Strata Scythe (lacrosse stick)Hero's Blade (hockey stickSapphire Medallion (class ring)

The Campus:Alhammarret's Archive (Nurses Office that probably used to be a Library Workroom)Library of Leng (Library (not "media center")Hall of Triumph (Lunch Room)Ivory Tower (yes it is)Temple of the False God (chapel)Reliquary Tower (trophy cases)Blighted Cataract (senior Prank!)Evolving Wilds (new stadium)Faerie Conclave (that hollow in the woods)School of the Unseen (new Campus (since the Tolarian location was condemned))Terramorphic Expanse (historic acreage)Opal Palace (Headmistress's accomodations)Skyline Cascade (detention room)Lonely Sandbar (swimming pool)

There are a bunch of cards that didn't quite make the cut for various reasons (I'd love Musician as the band director).


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