Been prototyping and working on this deck lately again. I want to improve my current deck into something like this, but I am not totally sure this will hold up in actual games. I want to see, if anyone can suggest me cards to add or remove, or tweaks to make, that would be lovely!

The idea of the deck is, in its current state, to get a lot of tokens on the board, buff them with Honor of the Pure & Intangible Virtue , and use Anointed Procession to start making ridiculous number of tokens. Other cards, like Leonin Warleader and the planeswalkers are there so in the lategame, its even easier to put more tokens into the battlefield. The point is more or less, to make the opponent unable to get rid of every token or to defend against them. Lifegain is mainly there to provide nice small creatures and to help buffer any damage that the opponent may be able to deal.

The sideboard isn't complete by any means, there are a few ideas there, but I think playing with the deck for real is gonna show what I really need to add in there.


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Updated with the help of the suggestions and added more lands.


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