Blues Clues is a versatile deck that can play at either a tempo or mid-range archetype. It can play the tempo role by using multiple Brazen Borrower 's, Vendilion Clique 's and Counterspell coupled with Noble Hierarch in order to stall or disrupt the opponent while your creatures attack unblocked or equipped with Swords. It can play the mid-range/ramp role by casting Courser of Kruphix , Dryad of the Ilysian Grove , or Tireless Tracker . Tireless Tracker represents our primary win-condition through combat damage when equipped with a Sword or pumped via clue tokens. Finally, our goal is to make the somewhat mediocre Tireless Tracker into a powerhouse draw engine through the use of its ability to generate clue tokens.


Fairly straightforward but nonetheless skill intensive deck, stall opponents with our disruption spells until being able to attack with one or more pseudo-evasive creature equipped with a Swords artifact. Our ramp spells, Courser of Kruphix, Dryad of the Ilysian Grove, and Noble Hierarch synergize perfectly with Tireless Tracker, as we are more than capable of massive card draw and counters thanks to being able to drop more than one land per turn. The addition of Swords aids with sneaking a significant amount combat damage through when equiped to Brazen or Clique with the net effects of card draw, proliferate, etc.


Focuses on dealing with Tron, Blitz, and Control decks, by hard countering the opponents win-conditions and hate spells. Additional Swords are here to combat the various Control, Blitz, Aggro decks running rampant in the meta. Ceremonious Rejection and Tale's End stone wall Tron. The remaining spells help contend with combo or instant speed removal/counter-magic


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