Welcome to the gravy-yard.

List of win-condition combos to be used with Muldrotha, the Gravetide:

Doom Whisperer and Second Chance - Use DW to get your life down under 5 and find SC, and then SC triggers in your upkeep. Next turn, use Muldrotha to cast SC again. Stay safe from attack with Glacial Chasm.

Time Sieve and Myr Battlesphere - Every turn, sacrifice MB and some myrs to TS, and then re-cast.

card:Mind Slaver - one card and , when paired with Muldrotha, will take over the game when you have 1 opponent left.

Magus of the Will and Kaya's Ghostform lets you repeatably use Magus every turn. This is how you cast non-permanent cards from the grave.

Consuming Aberration and Sewer Nemesis - These are big creatures when graveyards are big. Use these in combination with Jarad, Golgari Lich Lord to make opponents lose life. Use these in combination with Prime Speaker Zegana to draw lots of cards. Enable large graveyards with Fleet Swallower and Traumatize.

Speaking of Consuming Aberration: Every turn, you will be casting cheap cards like Memnite, Bequeathal, and Viscera Seer from the graveyard, plus the cards in your hand. This will cause massive mill for all opponents.

Tormod, the Desecrator and River Kelpie both trigger whenever something comes out of your graveyard. Use these with Muldrotha for big value.

Wonder and Bower Passage = "creatures you control can't be blocked except by creatures with reach", and it only costs you and having an island in play.

Alchemist's Refuge and Awakening --> Take an extra turn during each opponent's turn, but you can't cast stuff from graveyard.

Tunnel Vision naming Rise of the Dark Realms --> Mill cards until you get this spell, and then on the next turn reanimate every creature from every graveyard. You will often get combo pieces in the graveyard, or at the very least fill your graveyard with plenty of creatures.

These are just the win cons I've found so far. Obviously, there will probably be more. The rest of the cards in the decklist are just there for the insane value they bring.



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