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- - - Version 1.2 - - - 5/5/21

Seamonster tribal! I used to have a seamonster deck, Coral Capers -- (Budget Seamonsters), but I thought Arixmethes, Slumbering Isle would be a bit more appropriate than Thassa, God of the Sea so I am converting . The added utility of Green should help a lot. I loved my Thassa deck but I'm switching it up--I can always revert if I don't like this new iteration.

I'm trying to say on-theme for sea stuff but not going 100% Vorthos here. I'd like the deck to win at least occasionally. I'm trying to minimize the number of Merfolk I use too.

I feel like having a Simic ramp deck would be better suited playing all the awesome under-costed Green creatures that are out there but flavor takes priority in this deck. Compare Terra Stomper to Benthic Behemoth , for instance. I know all about the color pie--I'm just pointing it out. As such, this deck definitely isn't as powerful as it could be. I tried to include some more high-powered utility cards from my collection to help offset this, such as the more powerful cards from the original deck list--like Cyclonic Rift .

I have a good number of cantrips and low-cost removal to get my commander online and some tricks to make creatures unblockable. I figure that's a good path for the Arixmethes.

I am leery of including Pemmin's Aura and Freed from the Real because I feel like Arixmethes gets blown-out every time he becomes a creature regardless, so the combo seems flimsy. I also don't want to include a ton of off-theme payoffs, i.e. Stroke of Genius or Laboratory Maniac , though playing out my hand is always good. I could include counterspells to protect the combo but that's another 5-10 card investment I don't want to make. I also dislike including counterspells in decks that don't utilize instant spells generally, as it can be hard to hold up the mana. With the ramp focus perhaps a few silver-bullet counterspells wouldn't be so bad.

So in the end, I just want to see huge seamonsters turned sideways. I believe my current card selection can do so at a casual table without completely sacrificing playability.

I hope WotC keeps printing decent seamonsters, as they were very conservative with big Blue creatures in Magic's early days. It has certainly gotten better in modern times.

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"Fish Food Frenzy"



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