A Dimir Mill/ Control deck which tries to use Tibalt's (Tibalt, Cosmic Impostor) ability to take control of the enemy's graveyard. This deck aims to mill a lot of cards and then use them as your own with Tibalt (this should give the deck a better late-game and allows you to regain lost rogues and other cards). Tibalt can also exile creatures and artifacts, which should also be helpful. If you can't afford Tibalt, you can use Valki to take a look at your opponents hand and even use one of his creatues as your own.

This deck still works extremly well as your standard rogue deck, but has a neat little trick up it's sleeve with Tibalt. Also you can always play Valki, God of Lies   to get a look on your opponents cards. We also play Blood Beckoning in the side-board to get a chance to play Tibalt after we played him as Valki. You can instead play Call of the Death-Dweller if you care less about Tibalt. The only thing it sacrifices are kill spells. Because of this you either have to counter-spell monsters, kill them with Drown in the Loch or simply trade your creatures. The Rogue Class also is a nice addition to this deck because it allows us to perma-mill some cards. It's definitiely not needed to upgrade it, but the menace it can provide can help in a mirror-matchup.


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