I got a pre-release Tiamat during the forgotten realms pre-release event as well as one of each mythic dragons so I wanted to make a dragon commander with them.

The strategy is to use Tiamat to tutor up Klauth, Unrivaled Ancient and Old Gnawbone (maybe Savage Ventmaw) in order to get good mana from attacking and use Hellkite Charger for multiple attacks. Scion of Draco is also good for giving Tiamat many needed buffs. Hellkite Tyrant is also a good tutor candidate to win off of the many created treasure artifacts which is another essential part of then deck (fitting for a dragon deck if you ask me).

I would have love to use Hullbreacher but it's due to it being banned in commander another card from the side or maybe board could be chosen.

Card Specialty: (some cards appear in multiple sections)

-Ramp (25): Arcane Signet Birds of Paradise Chromatic Lantern Crop Rotation Cultivate Dockside Extortionist Dragonlord's Servant Dragon's Hoard Dragonspeaker Shaman Farseek Harrow Hullbreacher Ignoble Hierarch Klauth, Unrivaled Ancient Kodama's Reach Monologue Tax Noble Hierarch Old Gnawbone Sarkhan Unbroken Shard Convergence Smothering Tithe Sol Ring Tireless Provisioner Treasure Map   (until flipped) Treasure Vault

-Card Draw (15): Colossal Majesty Dragonborn Champion Dragonlord Ojutai Dragon's Hoard Garruk's Uprising Iymrith, Desert Doom Nicol Bolas, the Ravager   (flipped) Niv-Mizzet, Parun Sarkhan Unbroken Shadrix Silverquill Skyline Despot (monarch ability) Temur Ascendancy Teneb, the Harvester (from graveyard) Tiamat Treasure Map   (flipped)

-Single Removal (8): Anguished Unmaking Assassin's Trophy Nicol Bolas, the Ravager   (flipped) Path to Exile Scalelord Reckoner (needs to be targeted) Spit Flame Swords to Plowshares

-Board Wipe (6): Balefire Dragon (must attack) Crosis, the Purger (not really board wipe but helps) Crux of Fate Klauth's Will Magmaquake Silumgar, the Drifting Death (needs many dragons to attack, helps against indestructible)

I would have like to try to include the DnD dragons but the majority of them are not that great. and to make the deck as diverse in colors as possible. Recommendations are very much welcome for I am still new to constructing good commander decks.


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