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Tiamat Treasure Theme T.T.T.

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The game plan is to not draw dragons ever (maybe goldspan). The first 5-6 turns are your ramp and mana rocks. If you can amass some treasure while doing it great. When you can afford tiamat and have some treasure left over.

Play Tiamat and grab Goldspan, Gnawbone, Terror, Inferno of the star mounts and dragon queen. Your primary win con is to make treasure on mass, cast inferno and pump him to 20. If you do this before combat great if not it's a 20 damage ping. Secondary fall back is the terror, dragon queen combo. If you have parallel lives great your getting alot of terror value.

Counters to keep Gnawbone and Goldspan alive. This deck is built in a vacuum and works to get it's wincon set before messing with opponents. Protect those two.

The deck list won't be changed now unless people comment some suggestions.



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This is the current deck. have a few cards coming to add in but its only 3. trove of temptation will be cut as well as seize the spoils and swiftfoot. Any suggestions please leave a comment down bellow.


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