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Thrun, Who Gets the Last Laugh

Commander / EDH Enchant Mono-Green Trample


Casual Thrunn EDH deck that I made for my play group. Everyone wanted to make mono-colored commanders and I selected green.

I intend to pull most of the deck from my inventory along with proxies for cards that I already own that would work well in the deck (where I don't have another copy).


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78% Casual

22% Competitive

Date added 1 month
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This deck is Commander / EDH legal.

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13 - 0 Commons

Cards 100
Avg. CMC 3.12
Tokens Beast 3/3 G, Citizen 1/1 GW, Elephant 3-3 G, Phyrexian Germ 0/0 B, Wurm 6/6 G
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