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Thrasios and Tymna combo deck. I choose to use Skirge Familiar as a discard outlet and elixir or conjurer's bauble (even Gaea's Blessing and Final Parting as plan C) to loop the library instead of lab maniac win with Hermit Druid. I'm not opposed to druid but I just don't feel it's needed.

My main choice of wincon is to acquire infinite mana as fast as possible and draw out and shoot a big Torment of Hailfire out. Because frankly it's one of my favorite cards period. Obviously there are several other ways to win but there's likely no way someone is going to stop you once you deck out and have all those counters and removal. Other then split second spells, once you go infinite it's practically a guaranteed win. Most of the mechanics function at instant speed so it's easy to respond by just continuing the loop.

Flash hulk nets you devoted/vizier. Or trinket mage or salvagers in a pinch.

I believe I can basically play every spell in my library infinitely which means; I can Beast Within/Reality Shift everybody's library and pass turn. Going to playtest and update.


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